[✔] Jumbo avatar issue

Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by alterego, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Looks like some sort of site change has been made that screws up the avatar display. Prior to logging in this AM, the avatars where being displayed above the text and at the same width as the text, i.e., giant billboard sized avatars. The size returned to normal when I logged in, but some of the avatars were distorted and stretched.

    It only seems to be doing the giant avatars on mobile. Looks REALLY ridiculous on a tablet.
  2. I just noticed that you can duplicate the giant avatar issue using a desktop browser prior to log-in. Just reduce the size of the window horizontally and it automatically shuffles the avatar on top of the text at the same width.
  3. The only avatar that looks really bad blown up is grim's. I think grim better get his shiznit fixed.
  4. Maybe France could fix the default layout for the forum. It might be worth a try.
  5. I actually like the new theme.
  6. New theme is good.
  7. That's how it's supposed to be
  8. That's just bad coding. I could understand it if it only worked that way on a smartphone, but not on a full sized tablet or medium sized window on a laptop/desktop. It's obvious that there's still plenty of room for the avatar to remain on the side in either of those situations. There's no functional reason for the change.
  9. Dunno about the coding but that's how big my avatar is supposed to be.
  10. I'm not seeing any avatars on my phone now which is actually kind of nice. .
  11. But how will you know who anyone is? I don't know what anyone is called on here
  12. Just tried to visit the forum on my work laptop. Win7 with IE10. The page layout is off, all avatars are stretched to 1230x1230, and the log in button doesn't do anything when clicked. However Firefox works just fine.