[✔] Old theme + direct access

Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by alterego, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. No, no, and no. That's my input on the new tricked out PVCF layout.
  2. Robitussin has left me delirious, so my judgement is probably compromised. But this is the one and only free HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap/Responsive theme for SMF.

    I guess I will add Vertex back as an optional theme.

    Off all the people to complain about hipster douchey design, it's the Mac guy...
  3. It's more about the hipster/douchey function than the hipster/douchey design. Bruce Lee's fists of fury are cool and all, but I'd rather immediately see the most recent posts when the forum loads, not click thru multiple pages to see it.
  4. I think I'm old enough to be confused by this new interface you kids are using.
  5. Vertex is back. You can pick it out in your profile under 'look & feel'. Let me know if I missed any obvious settings. I'll also get a subdomain that bypasses the front page and comes straight here.
  6. The Robitussin appears to have tripled your productivity. Kudos to the 'tussin.
  7. Phew, back on the old theme. I don't like change.
  8. It's because you're so old!
  9. alter [dot] neopvc [dot] com

    Alternative access page. Logs you into your theme bypassing the default (obviously only useful if not on default theme). Tested working under normal conditions. If you spam it an old Native American security chief will scalp you.
  10. I'm currently getting an error 403 message after log-in for that one…tablet and desktop.
  11. Sooo whats the point of this?
  12. It will log him into Vertex, apparently looking at the new design is like staring into the Ark... Kinda pointless actually. Maybe I'll just put a login on the front page instead.

    Edit: It's gone. I added it to front page and recent page.