10 reason why the Wii sucks

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  1. 1. The controller is a dangerous weapon. If someone forgets to use the wrist strap your TV could get destroyed.

    2. The Wii is a gimmick and that is all Nintendo makes.

    3. The low definition last generation graphics suck.

    4. The game selection sucks. 1000 Wii games made and maybe 3 of them are good.

    5. The Controller uses AA batteries like some kiddie toy. WTF?

    6. Everyone loses interest with the Wii after owning it for a few months. It has to be the most unused console ever.

    7. Nintendo says the controllers are revolutionary but really they’re just annoying.

    8. All the games are marketed to juveniles.

    9. No hard drive.

    10. It has a DVD drive but it can’t play DVD movies. It’s truly a single purpose console.
  2. It's the worst console I've ever owned. I sold mine on ebay when I realized I hadn't turned it on in two years. It wasn't even plugged in. It was sitting in a box on a pile of crap in my closet. At first I couldn't even remember what I had done with it. That's how memorable this "revolutionary" console was for me.
  3. I could list a few must plays on the Wii which for me have made it a must own this generation.

    Zelda TP
    Mario Galaxy 1 + 2
    New Super Mario Brothers Wii
    Metroid Prime Trilogy
    Donkey Kong Country Returns (hard as nails but that's all part of the fun)
    Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

    I admit that after that there isn't too much about other than the upcoming Zelda game and perhaps Sonic Colours which I want to try as it is supposed to be the first good Sonic game for a long time. Still I have had my fun out of it and it wasn't exactly expensive, I have used my Wii more than my 360 in the last 12 months making that for me my biggest money waster at the moment.

    I should also play the Tales of Symphonia sequel but haven't had the time.
  4. No one who plays PC games thinks of using a mouse as a gimmick, and yet mice are obviously a form of motion control. Wii just takes the same idea and incorporates the Z axis of motion. Just like a mouse, there are certain types of motion control that are natural/fun for games and others that are not.
  5. Mice were designed as an interface to the operating system of the PC long before they were used for games. It only makes sense that they transitioned into games since they were part of the user interface. Now that they are a regular part of PC gaming no one would ever want to go back to just using a keyboard. It has become a necessity.

    The Wii controller was designed for gaming on the Wii and that’s the only purpose it has. It isn’t used to watch movies, access information, or anything else. Most people can easily transition between the Wii remote and a regular thumb stick controller without issue. The Wii remote is not a necessity.
  6. I'll be a complete smart @ss and remind you that the human arm/hand were operating in XYZ space long before the PC was even invented. It's a perfectly natural form of control in relationship to the human body. That's one of the reasons it's popular with the general public.

    PC mouse: XY motion control
    Touchscreen: XY motion control
    Touchscreen + accelerometer/gyroscope: XYZ motion control
    Wii remote: XYZ motion control

    The Wii remote is just a natural progression of the gaming interface. Don't fear the Z axis! :D
  7. I’ll put a fly in your ointment and point out that the Logitech air mouse came out a year after the Wii remote and has not been very popular. Some people don’t need the Z axis.
  8. Some people don't like to fly, but that doesn't mean that planes and their ability to travel in XYZ space are a gimmick compared to cars that travel in XY.
  9. Touché
  10. Isnt the Wii worse from a technical standpoint then the GameCube? I remember it pooping out better graphics then am seeing now on the Wii.
  11. Nah, I think they are the same. Especially since Twilight Princess is on both consoles.

    To Grim:

    You forgot Super Mario RPG and Monster Hunter Tri.
  12. It uses overclocked Gamecube hardware with more ram. The difference is that the developers gave a shit last gen. Now they don't care.
  13. I don't particularly care about the z-axis. I prefer to have something to rest my arm on instead. A mouse isn't tiring to use, so it's good for lengthy gaming sessions. The Wii remote gets annoying to use very quickly since you're flailing your arms around in the air.
  14. No, they do care, but Nintendo wanted to go for gameplay this gen over graphics. They did well in that way, but now after a few years it is just a known fad. Nintendo always does something different until other consoles steal their ideas.
  15. If they care so much then why do the games look like dog shit?
  16. Did you not read what I said? I said they went for "gameplay" over "graphics". That is the reason why the graphics are mostly shocking, although all Wii games are great for gameplay value. Though games such as Monster Hunter tri and Mario Galaxy do look nice.

    I think I read that they want their next console to have HD options. perhaps we will finally see a graphics orientated Nintendo console next generation.

    To grim:

    And I forgot Mario kart Wii too. That game was awesome, especially online.
  17. The gameplay sucks too IMO. The Wii-mote gets old quickly.

    I wouldn't even complain about the graphics if they weren't shockingly horrible. What were the people at Nintendo smoking when they released a console in late 2006 that couldn't do HD?
  18. It may get old quickly, but the gameplay of 90% of all Wii games is still great. To think not makes you a reatard who just plain hates Nintendo.

    Agreed. It was a stupid idea not to equip HD with the Wii.
  19. Misspelling retard is pretty retarded too.
  20. Most non-sports games don't require exaggerated movement and are no more tiring than using a standard console controller. The split design makes it pretty easy to find a comfortable position when you're sitting down.