2011 Steam Holiday Sale

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by khaid, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Just a reminder for you steamers that it started today since I almost forgot too. Deal everyday until Jan 1st.

    I'm eyeing Portal 2 and Fable 3 today.. not sure enough to pull the trigger.
  2. You shouldn't a told me :x lol
  3. That's a low price for Portal 2. But I heard almost nothing about it after it came out, so I'm guessing it's mediocre or short or both. Even at $8, I don't know. I'm afraid it would just be another cheap, mediocre game I'd never play.

    Fable 3 sucked balls. It's just flat out not worth buying. Seriously.
  4. Got the id pack finally, with Rage included it's a pretty crazy deal. Everything else I wanted I got in the last few sales - and still haven't played :p
  5. Max Payne 1 and 2 are going for £1.49 each. It'd be criminal not to get them. I had the original back in the day and loved it, I also had the sequel briefly but got rid of it becase the voice was changed, the face was changed, and the feel of the bullet time was changed. I'm gonna get it again to complete it in time for Max Payne 3.
  6. I still haven't played Fable 3 or Assassin's Creed 2 from the last big Steam sale.
  7. I could be wrong, but don't they also bring back all of the daily deals on the last day of the sale for people who missed them?

    I picked up Portal 2. Heard it was very short, but that's a really cheap price. So even if it sucks, whatever.
  8. got my free coupon from the gift basket thing, 50% off one valve game. I've got all of them except Portal 2 anyway so, since it says you must use it by Jan 3rd, I guess I'll get that if it goes on sale by the end of the sale again.
  9. How did you get the coupon?
  10. I think he's talking about this

  11. well yeah, my bad, the coupon is only good for after the sale and before the spring sale... go figure. But yeah, that gift bag, click the link from the storefront and it'll give you a prize. It might take a few hours to do though... since the servers are so stressed right now.
  12. Dead Space 2 for $4.99. Awesome game IMO. An absolute steal for that price.
  13. i decided to buy both dead space games at the last moment. screw you cmdr
  14. lotr war in the north is on sale $33.50

    anyone tried it?!?!?!!??!??!?!
  15. The first Dead Space is pretty good, the second one is great. They really captured the feel of System Shock 2.

    Does anyone know if they re-run the daily deals at some point? I haven't paid close attention to the sale and think I might have missed stuff.
  16. I've kept hearing about horrible KB+Mouse controls for the first one which is why I never got around to buying it.. true? How's the controls for the second one?

    Also, you can check out what they had since the sale started in this thread.


    Nothing to be too concerned about... not the greatest titles this year.
  17. There's a trick with v-sync that fixes the control issues. Look around on the web for it. Basically you turn it off in the game, and turn it back on in nvidia or ati control panel.

    The second game has no control issues.
  18. I'd been waiting for a morrowind sale. That's basically all I'll take. I've no time to get to any of these anyway. you can link your steam account to facebook and get a free prize for the next 24 hours
  19. For collection and bragging rights!
  20. Fallout NV and Deus Ex: HR are cheap right now. Also, L4D2 is $5.