2013: Year of the Windows Tablet

Discussion in 'Technology' started by chairmansteve, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. If you're an Apple iSheep or an Android Blockhead, 2013 may be the year of nightmares. Two mighty forces will be coming together at precisely the right time to create the next generation tablet:

    - Windows 8
    - Intel Atom 22nm

    iPad and Android tablets have 2 years before the slaughter. The only thing that can stop the slaughter is the End of the World in 2012.
  2. These tablets will flop as hard as Windows Phone 7 and the Kin. Apple and Google have nothing to worry about. Microsoft has shown time and again that it just doesn't understand the mobile market.
  3. @cmdrmonkey: how could you forget the Zune? That thing CLOBBERED Apple.

  4. I guess the Zune was so utterly forgettable that I forgot to even mention it.
  5. How could you? I'm sure 2007 was the year of the Zune, you heartless bastard.
  6. They were able to garner enough interest to get a loyal following in their marketplace. Some people swear by the Zune Pass.

    This tablet invasion is getting ridiculous though. So expensive and so would rather get a netbook.
  7. chairmansteve, the ultimate microsoft fanboy?
  8. The Windows 8 tablets of 2013 will be reasonably priced like netbooks. If not, then the slaughter will sadly be rescheduled to 2014 or 2015.
  9. Atom should die in a fire already. When AMD have delivered OoO execution dual core 1.6GHz chips with GPU on the same die in the same power envelope as Atom why bother with Atom anymore?
  10. What's the Kin? I've never heard of that before.
  11. If AMD still exists in 2 years, Fusion APUs will power some Windows 8 tablets. But Atom will naturally be more common.
  12. Why wouldnt AMD exist anymore in two years? They have pretty strong market now with their CPU's, especially GPU's.
  13. When the aliens arrive, they might accidentally destroy AMD headquarters.

  14. Tin foil hat time?
  15. That means PS4 wont see the light :D
  16. There's a reason.
  17. The PC will be dead too. But then, it's been dying for a while already. At least it'll be put out of its misery then.
  18. Pretty sure you responded to my Kin or Cosmos thread on PVC2.
  19. I don't remember posting in any mobile threads on there.
  20. Windows 8 unveiled. Regular windows underneath that Metro UI that MS has been putting into everything (Zune, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, etc). Love or hate it, MS is gonna be hitting the tablet market hard.