25th Anniversary: Happy birthday Legend of Zelda

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    Today is the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series. From the original NES version, through to Ocarina of Time and up until the newest one in development: Skyward Sword, Zelda has been a big part of our gaming life.

    There is at least one Zelda title on each of Nintendo's consoles, and hopefully that will continue. The Legend of Zelda was first released on the Nintendo Entrainment System back in February 21, 1986 and started the revolution that the whole world knows of now. The main series features the adventures of Link the main character of the Zelda series as he attempts to defeat the Main Villain of the game Ganon(Gannondorf in later games) and save the princess of Hyrule: Zelda. There have been spin-off's in this series that has focused away from Ganon, but stayed with Link. These have turned out quite good bar a few titles.

    The main staple of Zelda game-play to save Zelda or to defeat the villain is by traversing the land, taking on a amount of dungeons gaining weapons and usable items along the way to help with your quest until you are ready to take the end boss down. The usable items in Zelda has a big stake in every game and a different one is always needed to defeat a different boss, enemy or to progress further in each dungeon or the world. The music for every game is also another highlight of this series. The most famous of the music being the original overworld theme and of course Zelda's theme.

    The Legend of Zelda Gameography:



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  2. So how would you order the games chronologically?
  3. Well, you'd start with the oldest one, and work your way from there. lol

    Unless you're talking about something else.
  4. I miss the Zelda Mega collection thing Phisix used to have on the Game cube/ wii, I still havent completed Twilight Princess.
  5. I never completed Twilight Princess either, I was playing Okami as well at the time and Zelda didn't capture the imagination like that game did.
  6. That's a horrible answer. I wanted something that had some kind of theory behind it.
  7. The games aren't really meant to fit into a time line anyway, they're all over the shop.
  8. Chi is correct, although some people think there is a time line. Obviously Skyward Sword would be the first in the series now as it has been stated that it is about the birth of the Master Sword. The Windwaker would be the last as Hyrule had been flooded and a few times I think it had been stated ancestors. Twilight Princess has those weird creatures you find in dungeons, and I think it has been stated they are in Skyward sword, so that would make Twilight Princess after Skyward Sword.

    Other than that, I would have no clue where the Zelda's in order would go if there was a time line, although we could try and trace it by where the Master Sword always rests.

    > Link to the past- Pedestal in the Lost Woods
    > Ocarina of Time - Temple of time from the pedestal
    > Windwaker - Pedestal of Time in Hyrule Castle
    > Twilight Princess - Pedestal in secret grove area in Forlorn Woods: Aka Temple of Time Ruins

    It seems the place where The Master Sword rests are the same in all of the 4 Zelda's above, but then that still leaves the two original Zelda's out.