5 reasons why Pokémon are stupid

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  1. 1. Pokémon is loosely based off of one of those card games and those never work well as a video game or as a cartoon.

    2. Every Pokémon game is the same. Gotta catch em all!

    3. Pokémon keep getting more stupid looking as time goes on. The Pokémon
    designers must be running out of ideas for new Pokémon so they just make up really silly stuff. The last Pokémon I saw was a donkey mixed with a short bus that breathed toxic fumes.

    4. Pokémon seem to be sentient beings yet they are kept trapped in those little red balls. This is basically slavery.

    5. Pokémon are forced to fight each other in battles which resemble cock and dog fights. Good job Nintendo. Is this what we want to teach our children?
  2. You fight dogs with your cock? You bounder.
  3. Yeah. It takes balls.
  4. Agreed, they are running out of ideas and it is starting to become silly. I read that for the names and looks of some of the new Pokemon, the devs used their office as inspiration.

    The games are still great fun though and Black and White is really fun.
  5. Most of the chinpokomon probably drowned anyway in the Tsunami.
  6. That was not very nice. Shame on you.
  7. Point 1, the cartoon was first the card game came later.
  8. Pokemon was actually a game before the card games, animes and mangas.
  9. I need advice on which pokemon to have. I spent ages on pokemon emerald a year or two ago raising my ultimate team to take on the battle frontier. I literally played for months only to be told my pokemon were not allowed. My ultimate team was:


    Mostly banned. And yeah I cheated but so what? I was never gonna get those pokemon any other way. So now I'm going to start again and build a new ultimate team full of pokemon I can actually use. Here's what I have so far:

    Water - Scuicune
    Flying/Electric - Zapdos
    Fire - (Ninetails?)
    Psychic - (Alakazam?)
    Grass - (UPDATE: Sceptile?)

    I'm not wanting the other legendary birds/cats. I've been thinking of maybe Ninetails for fire and Alakazam for psychic.

    What would you choose to fill those gaps? Also what would be a good type to finish off the group? Ghost? Rock?
  10. I've decided to go for the group as outlined above and am still undecided as to which pokemon gets the last spot in my party.
  11. Never mind. My party to be made awesome is as follows.

    Tyranitar Rock/Dark
    Suicune Water
    Zapdos Electric/Flying
    Ninetails Fire
    Alakazam Psychic
    Sceptile Grass.

    Should be fine.
  12. This is a hater thread. Pokemon is Japan's gift to the world. I did the math, and over the past decade, I've spent over two months of combined time playing Pokemon games.