56K warning ,A travel to the past

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  1. This site still working is one of the first forums i belong and i just at that moment save the url and guest what the thread still exist .20 years ago of that thread,wow!:eek:
    Are the pictures of hungary original Xbox plant and that was in 2001.Check the link.
    56k warning :D ...enjoy

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  2. Wow... that's pretty cool. I'm surprised that even in the early 2000's it wasn't made in asia. Even more surprised that so many humans are involved. 100% agree with the people in that thread. That girl looks really attractive from the side profile but not as much from the front profile.
  3. Yeah I was really surprised to see that some of these were made in Europe. Also the assembly looks a lot like prebuilt desktop PCs in a lot of ways.

    Always loved the Duke controller. Arguably the best console controller ever made if you have large hands.