Adblock detectors

Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. So many sites are catching on and detecting AdBlock nowadays. Is there no AdBlock Detection Blocker?

    What do you typically do when you run into these sites? I just leave, fuck CBS and their shitty TV shows.
  2. I only started using an adblock a few weeks ago and I came across my first site that blocked me. My reaction was the same. Said fu and moved on.
  3. Same reaction here, I've been using adblock for at least 10 years. Every time I turn it off/browse on someone else's computer or my phone I realise just how crappy the internet has become. I do disable it for sites I frequent that need the ad funding AND don't have too many intrusive ads.
  4. I forget that youtube has ads all the time until I use youtube on my phone
  5. I've never bothered to use adblockers in the past and don't see what the point is anyway. If the advertising on a particular site is annoying to you, just don't use it. iOS 9 supposedly has an adblocker built into the OS, but I doubt that I'll use it.
  6. I use adblock everywhere, hate when you get un-skipable ads before videos that last 20 seconds or more.

    Also removes the risk of malvertising.
  7. But the detection must be asking the browser for add-ons... Shouldn't it be easy to tell a site you don't have Adblock?
  8. It appears some places use a JavaScript file that gets blocked by adblockers.

    If the script inside isn't run, then they know an adblocker is being used.
  10. Not available