Alan Wake

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  1. I saw this game for a tenner the other day And thought what a Bargain!I remember that for a while it was one of the most talked about and Anticipated games Ever however since it's been out I haven't heard anyone talk about it or even mention it :S

    this leads me to believe that it was an utter turd, so I decided not to buy it.

    Am I wrong? Has anyone played it if so whats your Opinion Of it?
  2. This POS game will give you cancer. STAY AWAY.
  3. WUT? You had bad experiences of it?
  4. I found the game to be fantastic, it had an interesting (if somewhat trippy) storyline and the gameplay was quite fun and was varied well to stop it becoming repetitive. It has some replay value in the form of collectables, some of which are only avaliable on the hardest difficulty setting.
  5. That's odd praise compared to what I've heard. The main criticism I picked up on from fans of this in other threads was that the gameplay was rather repetitive and that the collectibles felt tagged on.
  6. I dunno, I liked them, I thought that they added well to the games atmosphere and some were quite humourous. The gameplay didn't seem too repetitive to me, varied enemies and ways to take them down and some puzzles and vehicle sections too.
  7. All collectibles feel tagged on and are a cheap way for devs to make you explore possible otherwise non-visited areas of their game world. I hate them. If there's a trophy and achievement related to them I always use youtube to get them done quick. I don't have time to waste spending hours looking for things that usually serve no purpose.
  8. Alan Wake was a good movie, but poor game. The story was very intriguing to me, and the "atmosphere" was excellent. It was a pretty well done immersive experience.

    But, I found the gameplay to just plain sucks, it was boring, and really repetitive. I played a lot longer than I otherwise would've though, due to the story.
  9. Is the story any good then?
  10. The story is very good. If any developers need a lesson in how to set the tone in a game, Remedy could give them it.

    It was the mechanics of the game that let it down for me; the flashlight stuff got boring very quickly and the aiming system in the game was a little too slow.

    It was a great idea/concept but poorly implemented which is shocking when you think how long that game was in development.