Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

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  1. If you guys remember, Valve released a title called Alien Swarm on Steam for free back in 2010. It was basically a remake of a UT2004 mod of the same name. It was cool and disappointing at the same time. A really well developed game for free but just abandoned after its release. You completed it in a few hours and then what?

    It never got Steam Workshop support later in its life even though other Valve games like L4D2 did.

    7 years later, the community took over and released it under this name with up to 8 player support, pvp, new campaigns, and Steam Workshop support. Still free.
  2. It's free so I'll obviously get it... but that trailer raises more questions than it answers. So I had to watch this to fill the gaps.

  3. Yea, my post was a bit on the "you already played this" side. I'm pretty surprised you didn't play this back when Valve released it as it was pretty huge due to being free. And it actually being a game released by Valve since we all know how rare that is.

    So the game is purely Source. It has the same exact main menu screen as all of your typical Source games.

    You have 4 classes. Techs, Medics, Special Weapons, Officers. There are 2 character choices per class, each with different stats.

    Techs - Required for security consoles in some maps. Buffs door welding time for team. Has access to auto-aim assault rifle.
    Medics - Obvious healer. Has choice between AOE stationary healing station or medic gun that does single target healing on the run.
    Special Weapons - Access to auto/miniguns and has extra damage buff to those guns. Has Piercing Bullets skill which gives chance for bullets to go through target.
    Officers - Damage/defense buff aura. Has access Vindicator weapon (acts like shotgun).

    The game is mainly only fun with friends.. not much different from other coop games.

    The game is fairly restricting as it requires some things specific to some maps. For example, some maps require a Tech to hack security consoles. I also came across a map that required someone to have a flamethrower.

    The game is similar to L4D in some ways where random hordes will come after you. There are also events that trigger an onslaught and generally a finale at the end of each map such as opening the exit, and the exit door takes forever to open and you have to fight off swarms and special aliens until it fully opens.
  4. I remember this game. Something about it pissed me off and I didn't play long. It might have been that single player sucked.