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    There are now some reliable rumors that AMD might be dropping the prices of the 5700 series in response to Nvidia's Super cards. From my limited understand the Navi chips are cheaper to make than the Turing Supers so this might be an easy move for AMD. It's also possible AMD faked the rumor to influence the Super reviews. It'd be great to finally have a price war. We'll find out on Sunday.

    RX 5700XT: $449
    RX 5700: $379

    RX 5700XT: $399
    RX 5700: $349,39802.html


    And it's true.

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    AMD has beaten nVidia on performance per dollar this round. The 5700XT is the new performance per dollar king. It's basically a 2070 Super for $400. I doubt most people care enough about ray tracing to spend $100 more. The regular 5700 is competitive with the 2060 Super. I wonder if nVidia will cut their prices.

  3. Some sites show more than -5% but yeah, -5% is really good for -$100. Also keep in mind that AMD said their blower might be thermal throttling the card just a little. I bet an aftermarket cooler will net another 5% and get it even closer to the 2070s. It might also raise the price $30 to $50. That's what happened with the RX580. The reference blower boards were $200 and sold out fast. After that, they were all $240 non-reference boards.

    AMD murdered the 2060 and 2060s on value but I'm not sure Nvidia will drop prices. They still have ray tracing and a loyal customer base.

    I hope we see some custom 5700XT coolers by August. That's when I'll decide if I'm team red or team green.
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    Yeah I'm torn myself. I'd like to upgrade soon. AMD is offering up some legit competition here to the point where I don't know what I'll go with. It will be interesting to see what Navi is like with aftermarket cooling. I'm thinking the vanilla 5700 will just straight up be a good deal faster than the 2060 Super, and that 5700XT and 2070S may be even closer in performance.
  5. I've been contimplating an upgrade. Been looking at the Gigabyte 2070 S and 5700xt. The 2070 S cost about 16% more and is about 8% faster on average. 5700xt has had some driver issues which are slow to get fixed. I don't usually factor in the free game packages when deciding what to buy but the AMD deal is appealing and a $75 value to me. I'd use the 3 month XBox game pass to play Metro Exudus and maybe Gears 5. It also comes with Borderlands 3 which is still $60. It's supposed to have a good single player experience. Using fuzzy math a 5700xt would cost me about $345 after the free games. That would be the cheapest card I've bought in many years.
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    Some of the aftermarket 5700xt cards are really nice, and that's a nice game bundle. The Navi cards are a better value than what nVidia is offering at the moment in my opinion.
  7. I got myself a Red Devil 5700XT. I paid a bit more for it but I wanted the quietest card I could get. It's a triple fan with passive 2D cooling and a quite/OC bios switch. The quiet bios runs at stock speeds and is almost silent. The OC mode is still very quiet and matches my 1070 FTW for noise. So far the biggest difference between the Nvidia and AMD card is the control panel. Nvidia feels like it's part of Windows and AMD feels more like a custom game interface. Both are fine. My only complaint is that the AMD control panel tricked me into turning on the Windows HRD setting and it took me a while to figure out why everything suddenly looked like crap. I don't believe there is ever a good reason to turn that setting on.
  8. How are you finding it compared to your 1070? Is it a big noticeable upgrade?
  9. I haven't really tested it out yet but I don't think it will be life changing. I did get a high refresh rate monitor a while back so maybe I'll finally be able to take advantage of that. I'm still playing AC:Odyssey and it's a horribly optimized game. I'm getting about 50 to 60 fps but a 2080 Ti only gets 70 fps. The 1070 was a great card but I usually find the need to upgrade once I start getting near 30 fps in games. The 1070 in Odyssey was around 35 fps and Metro Exodus would be around 35 fps as well. I'll try more games soon but I fried my SSD drive a while back and haven't reinstalled any games yet.
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    Yeah the 1070 is getting to where it struggles a bit in some more recent games. It's a decent card, but I also never really felt like it was a big upgrade over the 980 I had before which was why I was wondering. The added VRAM made a difference in some games, but in retrospect I kind of wish I had gone with a 1080 or 1080 Ti.
  11. The 2070 was never enough of an upgrade over the 1070 and the 2080 was way too expensive. The 2070S is probably the first reasonable replacement to the 1070 from Nvidia but the 5700XT still wins on cost per frame. The 2070S has ray tracing, a slight performance edge, and perhaps more trusted drivers, which could justify the higher price for some people. I was on the fence between the 2070S and the 5700XT and finally chose AMD because of the better value and game package. I also like the idea of bouncing back and forth between the two companies like I did in the old days.

    There are rumors that AMD will enable ray tracing on the 5000 series cards in December. The new XBOX and PlayStation custom Navi are also getting ray tracing. It will probably suck but it could be fun to play with.

  12. If they had a card that was one tier higher end I'd be very tempted, although I'm kind of stuck with Nvidia with a Gsync monitor at the moment.
  13. They have Big Navi coming in a few months but if you already have Gsync you're best to stick with Nvidia. From what I've seen, Gsync performance is more consistent. Freesync is an open standard and some monitors are a little loose with their standards. Freesync 2 is supposed to help.

    I was using a freesync monitor with my Gsync 1070 and I saw Shadow of Mordor for the first time over 60fps without tearing. Didn't really notice it until it was gone.
  14. AMD keeps making their most impressive cards about one performance tier below what I want. Their higher end Vega 64 and Radeon VII are power hungry and run hot. The Vega 56 Nitro and RX 5700 XT look like superb cards at a great value, but they're haven't been the big upgrade over what I've been looking for. And it would have to be pretty revolutionary for me to consider also buying another monitor for Freesync 2 in addition to the card. I loved some of my past AMD cards from HIS with the IceQ cooler.
  15. I think I still have one of these X800XLs in storage somewhere. It was da-bomb back in the day. It's funny how blower coolers used to be the high-end custom coolers and now they are the basic stock coolers no one wants.

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  17. I talked my nephew into getting a 580 in 2017. Now, two and a half years later he can buy a similar performance card for the same price. This card was made to compete with the 1650 S and not much more and I expect they will sell many of them to 1080p e-sport gamers.
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  18. True. There are people who just a buy a card so they can run something like CSGO or Fortnite and probably won't ever play too much else, and a card like this is fine for those people.
  19. a gpu aimed for fortnite and Minecraft. times are changing..
  20. Most of these games can be run on a $150 card.