AMD Radeon 300 Series

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  1. Here are the rumors/leaks so far and it isn't much.

    GPUs will be on the on the 20nm process. Nvidia Maxwell is using 28nm.

    Will use new HBM rather than GDDR5 memory.
    Bandwidth 4.5 greater
    42% less power
    65% smaller.

    Released in this order.

    R9 380X ‘Fiji’ to compete against GTX980
    R9 390X ‘Bermuda’ to compete against GTX980Ti and Titan 2
    R9 370X ‘Treasure Island’
    R9 360X ?

    The 390X will have some kind of hybrid water cooler made by Asetek.
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    Good to see that they're responding to Maxwell. I'm usually squarely in Team Green, but we need a strong AMD/ATI to keep GPU prices sane.
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    20nm is no surprise seeing as the rumour is they are also starting to produce the APU in XBOX One on the same process.

    If they are spending the money on creating the facilities to produce at 20nm they may as well get the most out of it.
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    From what I read the 20nm process was really problematic. Nvidia gave up on it and released the 28nm Maxwell well before AMD was ready for release. AMD stuck with it and are now late to the game. Who knows if the decision will pay off for AMD in the long run. Probably not. Rumors say that Nvidia is already planning a second generation launch of the 970 and 980 late 2015 using the 20nm process. People also think the 980Ti will be 20nm and that they are delaying it's release to spoil the 390X launch in February.
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    I think AMD had to stick at it, nvidia seem to have 28nm worked out but R290 was a power hungry and hot beast. Maybe they couldn't take the risk on that happening again and decided that making sure the next cards were cool and quiet was important for brand image.
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    Power hungry, hot, noisy and clocked to within an inch of its life. The reference 290X I (briefly) owned would routinely hit 95C while gaming, and then would throttle. It also sounded like a jet turbine. I could have sworn my PC was getting ready for takeoff. In this day and age if your cards are literally almost hitting boiling temperature, you need to go back to the drawing board. Especially when comparable nVidia cards are not only faster, but run cool and quiet. The 290 and 290X were a desperate response to Kepler.

    AMD needs something more substantial if they are going to continue to compete long term. Cool, quiet, and energy efficient need to become part of their vocabulary. Leafblower cards should not still be a thing. And nVidia has not produced a leafblower since the GTX 470/480 cards in 2010.

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    Those coolers were such a bad idea I can't believe they released them. They pretty much ruined the reputation of the 290 and 290x cards. But they did get a A LOT better with aftermarket coolers. XFX 290X is the one on sale for $300. It's considerably quieter and cooler than a reference 780Ti.

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    Rumor - leaked benchmarks of 380X or 390X. Nicknamed Captain Jack.

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    So a bit faster than a 980 but not as energy efficient. Kind of what I expected.
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    More leaked or fake benchmarks of the 380X from a Chinese tech website.

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    XFX R9 390 in the wild.

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    how on earth does wffctech operate, they all seem to be a bunch of pakistanis based in pakistan.. is GPU news funding terrorism??

    That memory bus looks damn pretty.. I think I might be happy that I didnt snap a Titan X off nvidias stinking hands
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    I'm curious why if AMD has such an ace up their sleeve they haven't released it yet. Not performing up to expectations, heat/noise issues, or production problems would be my guess.
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    Obviously they realized that it wasn't gold enough and halted production.
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    Well it's also odd that they are so tight lipped about it as well. I assume it's just Nvidia and AMD playing minds with each other. They each wait until the last possible second to see who has the biggest dick.
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    I'm just wary because of AMD's history. The 2900XT was supposed to be a Geforce 8800 killer, and on paper it looked good, but it was heavily delayed and ended up being loud/hot and didn't perform up to expectations. Bulldozer was supposed to be an i7 killer but was heavily delayed and looked good on paper but was loud/hot and didn't live up to expectations. Usually when AMD gets tight lipped and starts pushing back release dates, that is not a good sign. This is a company that is so desperate that it will play an ace card even when it's not ready for primetime, like the R9 290X.
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    Well if the rumors are true about Nvidia releasing a faster version of the Titan X it could mean Nvidia is a little worried about keeping the crown against the 390X. Even if performance is the same as the Titan both will be outside of my price range. The 390X is supposed to be $700. There may be a 390 version for $500. I'm hoping to see a 380X that's faster than a 780 TI for $300 to $400.
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    Some leaked picks of a water cooled 390X. It's really short.

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    So cute.. so guess HMB must be running hot for this to be a "stock" option..

    They might as well name them after famous volcanoes around the world. The 980ti is due to be revealed soon too.. such exciting times ahead.
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    Reliable leaks say the official launch date is June 24th. AMD has never officially give a name for the card so it's possible it wont be called a 390x. The refreshed cards, 360, 370, 380, may have a launch date of June 18th.