AMD Radeon Fury

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  1. Last week AMD said the Fiji would be the fastest GPU in the world. Today it looks like there are some credible Fury specs that might back AMDs claim. It's still unknown if there will be 8GB versions.

  2. Hmm.... the HBM bandwidth claims seem a bit inflated then..
  3. Seems like an awful lot of hype for marginally faster memory.
  4. A lot of the hype around HBM was pulled from development road map which everyone uses. That road map goes pretty far into the future. The issue was that no one knew exactly what AMD was putting on their boards and we probably wont know for sure until after the 16th. There is gen 1 and gen 2 designs and AMD most likely used gen 1 or something to that equivalent. I'd expect by the time Pascal comes out everyone will use gen 2 which seems much faster. The jump to gen 1 seems to be the equivalent of all previous jumps with DDR in regards to power reductions and speed increases. It's also smaller so it's possible all future cards will be shrinking rather than getting bigger. Anyway we wont really know if HBM is any better until we get some memory intensive benchmarks.
  5. Not if you consider the rate at which graphics memory has been improving over the years. 288GB/s in 2012, to 336GB/s in 2015... considering this the jump from 320GB/s to 512GB/s is huge. Not to mention that the memory is also only using half the power of high end GDDR5 to get this figure.

    If that's not enough, HBM2 is set to double the bandwidth of HBM by mid-late next year.
  6. I like the light effects.


    And it's tiny.

  7. Looks like Fury could be a hit. If what they said is true the Fury X should be as fast as the 980Ti with the same OC potential. They also have a card in the popular $500 range that Nvidia left empty. Not really sure what the Fury Nano is other than it's small. It might be a competitor to the 980.

    Fury X2
    Fury X $650
    Fury $550
    Fury Nano


    They also announced a Fiji X2 gaming machine which is probably smart on their part. It'll do 4k and 5k with ease.

  8. I might just get that gaming machine.. plop it under my TV job done.
  9. They need to put their money where their mouth is. Still seems like all hype and no actual benchmarks. Which is suspicious given AMD's history. And everything except the Fury cards is just going to be a rebadge. I would bet money that they basically just managed to match a vanilla 980, except a year later.
  10. I think the fury will most def beat a 980ti.. has to.

    Wonder if the 4GB HMB will be a limiter
  11. All we really have to go by is a 4k demo of Tomb Raider running at 60fps which is what the 980Ti does on Ultra settings. It does 43fps on ultimate. They didn't say what the game settings were.
  12. Should we know by next week?
  13. Launch of Fury X is June 24th so for sure by then. I think I read reviews would be a couple days after today. The Fury comes out around July 14th.
  14. Not validated of course. If true the 390X did get a noticeable performance bump and has gotten closer to the 980.

  15. Must not build another rig, must not build another rig..
  16. The 980Ti OC cards will still beat everything in that chart but if the Fury is an Overclocker like AMD says it is we could have a fun video card war again.
  17. I was very tempted by the Gigabyte G1, but this is a water cooled card with hopefully a lot of headroom to OC that price is super competitive now
  18. True. The stock 980 Ti is 84c at 40dB. For the same price the Fury X will be 50c and 32dB.
  19. Not Apples to Apples because it's not the same machine but it's something.

  20. Hnnnghhh...

    its a gameworks game too.. wonder if they had any of that enabled :S