Android to support x86 processors

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  1. Oh good times.
  2. I guess we'll soon find out how Atom compares to ARM.
  3. /wants a sandy bridge powered tablet
  4. I wonder if we'll see laptops that allow you to dual boot into Android while unplugged to save battery life.
  5. I saw some blurb that said medfield would allow 24hrs of normal usage on one charge.
  6. ... for the first 3-6 weeks. After 6 months it will be down to 24 minutes a pop.
  7. So with CES, Intel unveiled their medfield. There's currently only one model available. The Atom Z2460. It's just a single core and uses a powervr sgx540 gpu clocked at 400mhz. For reference, that's the same gpu in the galaxy nexus (galaxy nexus clocked at ~300mhz though). So obviously, don't expect ipad 2/iphone 4s performance.

    But the medfield seems to wipe the floor in everything else.. and keep in mind that it's still just a single core.


    anandtech also provided a power consumption graph on the link. so it doesn't look like intel can live up to smack they were talking about. it's on par with anything else in the market. BUT, motorola just unveiled their revamp of the droid razr with the razr maxx which has a 3300mah battery yet is only 8.9mm thick. For reference, the galaxy nexus on verizon is 9.85mm thick with 1850mah battery. If more oem's follow this design, our battery issues may be a thing of the past.

    Intel mentioned they may hit dual core by the end of the year and have a powervr sgx543mp2 ready. For reference, that's the gpu in the ipad2/iphone 4s. Needless to say, the trend of catching up to apple in graphics performance continues. Looks like Samsung is the only company capable of catching up in a timely manner.
  8. Intel has needed to get with the times for awhile. Mobile is the future of computing.
  9. I'm quite impressed with their entry. I thought they would hit similar performance as current processors, but they surpassed it.

    Also I forgot to mention that Intel states almost all apps will be compatible, although there will be few apps that will incompatible.