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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Phisix, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if anyone else still watches Anime and reads Manga these days?

    I don't as much as I used to, but I still read the Naruto and Bleach Manga's weekly and I watch the Naruto Shipuuden Anime weekly as well.

    I also finished reading the tales of Symphonia Manga yesterday as I wanted to know the story from the game again as I did not have the game any more that was the only way.
  2. Is Anime that thing where big boobed girls get raped by tentacle monsters?
  3. Nah, that is Hentai. You should try Yaoi, I know you like that type of stuff. ;)
  4. Finished watching the whole Shaman King anime series the other day and now I am currently on episode 19 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and it is far better than the original series as this one follows the manga.

    Anyone else watching Anime or am I the only one left of the old forum who does?
  5. I watch when I'm bored, which is quite often really :/. watching Kaze no Stigma on Hulu at the moment. I guess I'm not hardcore anymore, I don't feel like dealing with subs if it's streamed. I will if I torrent it though... but I only torrent stuff if it's brand new and I REALLY want to see it/ am REALLY bored lol.

    Don't like the popular stuff so much, ever since finding out Soul Eater is just Naruto is just One Peace is just DragonBall... it just doesn't look the same now :/ nope if it's not 24 episodes (or SURELY under 75) than it's most likely long drawn out battles and crap.

    I'm a sucker for crap though :/ I'd just rather not waste my time with those any more. Hasn't been a really great anime out for ages it seems. The last year it seems have been all rehashes of the same harem type concept. 95% of all anime even on it's best seasons is all harem crap, it's startin to get old.
  6. You may want to try out Code Geass out. It's a bit different than the usual anime as the main character takes a dark route and uses his mind more than dbz style fights. It's fights are usually mech related but you don't get much of that until season 2.
  7. I'll watch full-length Japanese animated movies, but I usually don't follow any animated TV series. Occasionally I will. I really enjoyed Cowboy Bebop and what I've watched of Samurai Champloo.
  8. Cowboy Bebop worth a watch? I'm well out of the loop with anime but wouldn't mind watching a good, self-contained series.

  9. Yeah, it's a lot of fun. Everyone I know who watched it seemed to like it.
  10. I'll have a look out for it when I'm shopping tomorrow. Be warned, if I don't like it I will seek revenge.
  11. Cowboy Bebop is immense. It's the only Anime that has interesting filler episodes in between the real story. I hate the ending though. :(
  12. Cowboy Bebop is fun, but what I suggest is Baccano. It's a step above most anime for sure. Not quite as fun, it's more dark drama. It was described as a Quinten Taranthino movie (more Pulp Fiction than Inglorious) in anime form, ie slightly dumbed down. But check Bebop out if you want light fun, Baccano for dark.
  13. Doesn't Cowboy Bebop have a super intelligent corgi as one of the main characters?
  14. *sigh* yes yes... ein the name of every anime fanboy's pet lol
  15. I really only like Berserk. Mainly cuz of the gratuitous violence.
  16. that's another good one. more of a mindf* than pure gratuitoes violence though. Evangelion 2.0 is a bit like that too. AFAIK, I still have yet to see the Eva sequal :/ the first one was pure mindf* but quite fun in parts.
  17. I thought the eva sequel was actually a remake?

    Just finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist: brotherhood up to episode 54. It has stopped there so far until the next episode is released. 10 more episodes until the end which is making me sad as I have watched it non stop the past few days and it has been a rollercoster ride of epicness.

    Now to find my next series to start watching.
  18. I hated eva with a passion. What a fucking waste of time that was. I think the only redeeming part in that series/movies was when I realized shinji was jerking off to asuka laying unconscious on the bed. that gave me some good lulz.
  19. That's sort of why I didn't watch it yet... I think 1.5 is a remake but 2.0 is a sequal?? Or maybe there's just a new storyline or two. I've heard good things about it.