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  1. Decided to watch the first episode of Death Note. Ended up watching the first 7. It's pretty good.
  2. Still not seen that myself might do at some point.

    You should watch Attack on Titan after you have finished that it's amazing. Just restarted it again this time im 720p its gorgeous.
  3. I watched the the first two episodes of Attack on Titan. It was pretty good. I got a little irritated with a later episode of Death Note. The show starts off really smart. You can tell they put some thought into it. However later on it starts to rely a bit too much on coincidence and chance.
  4. I'll have to watch it then soon. Hopefully I can find a HD copy somewhere.

    AoT get's much better further along so it gets even better. The animation is great as well as the dub.(Watched Subbed first time around)
  5. AoT was such a waste of time
  6. I pulled an Attack on Titan marathon last night and watch 12 episodes in a row. For the moment I'm hooked.
  7. Just 12 more to go then after you can watch the first of a two part OVA about Levi before and when he first joined the scout regiment. Subbed only though.
  8. Finished season 1 of Attack on Titan. I'm not sure if I'll still be interested in season 2 when it comes out in 2016.
  9. It's the best anime I have seen the last few years. Season 2 is going to be epic from what I have seen from the Manga. Theres an OVA out for how Levi joined the Scouts if your wanna see that. Only episode 1/2 is out so far and only subbed. Worth a watch as he is still cool.
  10. A new Dragonball Z series is coming out in July. It will be about guys who are more powerful than the last guys fighting other really powerful guys.
  11. Yeah, saw this news this morning. Great news indeed seeing as I am a big Dragonball fan.(Currently on a Z binge of all the episodes from start to finish)

    It will be interesting to see if the series will be based on the 12 universes which has been stated in the new film via the god of Destruction Beerus(Since that is official canon) and if Akira will use anything from the non-canon Dragonball Multiverse manga since he is a big fan. I also wonder if the next DBZ film featuring the return of Frieza will tie into this new series.
  12. Been watching an Anime called "The Devil is a Part timer". A nice mix of Comedy, slice of life and magical powers action. I recommend watching it if your stuck for something to watch.

  13. I just found out that there is an Attack on Titan Game. I bet Chi is already playing it.

  14. Anybody watch the new DBZ? I used to be obsessed with the original 16 years ago. Just thinking about how much time has passed makes me sad.
  15. Yeah I have watched it since the first episode. The first two arcs were the new films and since then it has been brand new stories. The newest arc with Goku black has actually been pretty decent. The only problem I see with Super is the fights are not as good or long as DBZ was.
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  16. Dragonball still has it. The hype!

  17. I finished One Punch Man. I stopped watching it a while back because it was so stupid but then I started watching it again because it was so stupid.

  18. Do you guys hug your waifu pillows while watching anime?
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  19. Trailer for the new Dragonball Super film set after the series. New animation style which looks brilliant.