Annonymous vs Westboro Church

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  1. Apparently picketing dead school children upsets anarchists.

    Video taunt?
  2. Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper have left the Westboro Baptist Church.


    Lauren, Libby, and now Megan from this photo have bolted from the WBC cult.

    I was very pleased to discover that Grace left with Megan.


    I never saw the cruelty and malice from her and got the impression she was going along with it primarily because she was raised in that mess.

    After watching Theroux's second WBC documentary, I thought that those two might not stay. You can see the loony indoctrination and pure, sadistic hatred in members like Jael, Shirley, Margie, and Fred. I just didn't see that nastiness in Megan or especially Grace.

    EDIT: It may sound crazy, but the empathy and compassion that I was just mentioning above is evidently closely related to the reason why Megan decided to leave. WBC was evidently taking the position that gays should receive the death penalty, offering no chance for salvation. That was apparently the issue that led her to decide to leave. Thus, she actually was too compassionate and has too much humanity to pass muster long-term for WBC. You need some pretty strong sadistic and antisocial attitudes to fit in there.
  3. Looking at the WBC, I can understand why European countries have criminalized hate speech. It really serves no purpose in a civilized society. I would have no problem with these people being fined and possibly doing some jail time.
  4. By these ppl you mean the ones that left or the ones that are still in the organization?
  5. I find it disturbing that you need clarification on this. You must be on the drugs.
  6. what?? I don't think the ones that left should be sent to jail is all what?? I mean your gonna overcrowd our prisons with that kinda' lunacy for one. Jail time and a fine?? Great give them another reason for martyrdom. lets ask them 'would you rather stay and be free or leave and be sent to jail, fined and possibly persecuted?'. uh duh... please tell me you meant someone else. The 3 that left have NO intention of continuing their ways... I mean maybe they'll find themselves a nice progressive church but I doubt they'll be picketing with 'hate speach' any time soon.

    Now the WBC organizational ppl sure. They done wrong and are a bit passed the point of appology seriously.
  7. what i meant was that obviously cmdr meant the WBC, not the girls.
  8. Of course I meant the idiots who are still with this "church" and not the people who came to their senses and left. It's a hate group that needs to be broken up and the people running it should probably be punished in some way. Most other developed countries have hate speech laws where the WBC leadership would probably be looking at a fine or jail time or both. And I'd be fine with that. We're talking about scumbags who picket at the funerals of murdered school children and military funerals for soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan and Iraq so they can spread their agenda of hate. Their message is hateful, inflammatory, and absolutely worthless, and it has no place in a civilized society.
  9. I dunno I don't really mind what their saying I just think that the places that they choose to do it (at times) is HORRIBLY misguided. Of coarse I am sorta' the type anyway not down ofc but I doubt this is any revelation to any of you :eek: Only part I take issue is, like this latest artical states, anybody truely down would have to be one truly sadistic bastard. But it's not cuz they believe God hates a sinner's actions but just because they mean precisely what they say and presumably do what they mean. Don't like it but hey! That's free speech..

    As for WHERE they do it. Well it seems to me that they picket grave sites whether there's a funeral goin on or not. When there's a problem it's not cuz they scheduled to 'greif' the occasion or anything, they were just there when it started goin on...

    In one aspect there's nothin wrong with that. God takes no off days sorry buddy.

    Is it heinous? sure, but is it illegal? not if your logical ABOUT THE SITUATION. Oh the ACT'S not logical, the act has NEVER really been logical! I'm just sayin I see you flinging your share of pointless hate bludgeoning at these guys just as much as they do to your gay uncle or my gay cousin.

    I WOULD however put a watch on those girls... you never know with young women nowadays....
  10. Fred Phelps is 83 and much of the youth is bolting. Nature is going to take care of WBC before long.
  11. Hitler was an alright guy too, everyone should lay off - it was 70 years ago, that's almost 80 years!
  12. I dunno I don't really mind that Hitler killed 6 million Jews. It's not like he hated the Jews, he just wanted to exterminate them from the planet is all. I hear Stalin was real baddie too so who are we to judge ::)? I'm just sayin' is all.
  13. was that edited by me?? how strange... no I don't even condone (can't think of a stronger word) what Hitler did. I do however, see and marvel at the progress the war and to a degree Hitler's regime had on the world.
  14. You honestly don't see the WBC as an outright, top to bottom, inside and out bad thing? You have no problem with them saying that the gay soldiers who are literally fighting and dying to protect them are dooming America? That's one of the main things I hate about religion. It allows people to act like this, which any sane person can see is just detrimental to society, go around saying terrible things and just generally being evil cunts all the while truly believing you're doing something good, that you're helping people. It's devicive and hateful but the people involved think it's not devicive, they think it's inclusive and they think it's positive. What's positive about going to the funueral of a soldier who died aparrently protecting your right to spew hate, and calling him names. Standing there with signs with such catchy slogans as "God hates fags" and "Gays are dooming America". I could not imagine the anguish that would cause the parents of the dead soldier. But that's exactly what the WBC does and they get away with it because people like you don't really see anything wrong with those evil fucks. Sure we are spewing hatred about those people but here's the difference, WE are justified in doing so. They are basing their extreme and hurtful views and actions on myths and Chinese whispers.

    Rant ends.
  15. dude you are mad plain and simple you are mad lol.

    also it's not religion that 'allows' this, it's democracy. Did you mean 'enable'? you have a point there no argument from me, that is the definition right there, faith that 'enables' a true meaning and some such...

    Yeah I don't defend their beliefs at all. At least the extent that they go to is just... extreme.
  16. We're not just mad because we're mad. We're mad because these people are allowed to do what they do, and what they do is be complete arseholes. Unpleasant human beings that find joy in making other human beings feel like shit. That's why we're justified in hating them, they deserve the hate. Gay people don't deserve the hate WBC gives them, which is a much stronger hate than the one we give the WBC since we're not all up in their faces and threatening people with hell at their funerals etc.

    And yes, enable is probably the correct word I should have used. My point is they get away with doing this shit because it's under the banner of religion, and we all know how you can't knock people's religious beliefs. If they were just out there preaching hatred towards a minority with no religious affiliation they'd probably all have been arrested long ago. That's what I meant when I (kind of) said "It 'enables' people to act like this".
  17. There is a petition on the White House website, We The People, asking for the WBC to be officially classed as a hate group, because that's what they are. This petition has more than double the signatures of the other popular petitions right now.

    Here's an article on the subject.

    I'll include this shot for a quick reference. [​IMG]

    Notice that there are two additional petitions regarding the tax exempt status of the WBC both with around 80,000 signatures. People are really wanting something done about these pricks.
  18. I'm going to disagree with those advocating with finding ways to punish or censor WBC through legal means. I accept the irritation of these buffoons as part of the price of free speech, and I think it's important to have an example of what it looks like if you are a fundamental extremist who attempts to take The Bible literally and live by it. As much as they irritate me, WBC has to be a far bigger thorn in the side of fundamentalist, fire-and-brimstone Christians. How extreme can you get in your views before people start comparing you to WBC, one of the most hated groups in the country? I've seen nutcase Southern preachers make idiotic statements and then get directly compared to WBC, which has to sting when they pass the old tithing basket. Having WBC in the public eye will drive people away from the religious extremist preachers. WBC itself is losing members rapidly, and they will be in shambles after Fred Phelps dies. He's 83 now.

    I saw that they permitted Jael Phelps to get married; I bet they are pressuring her to have three dozen children in a desperate effort to breed new members.

    Anyway, I do agree with actions taken to limit how much contact they can have with people at funerals and whatnot. Jail them if they violate that.