Anonymous hacked by ex-member!?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Armadeadn, May 10, 2011.

  1. It looks like a guy calling himself "Ryan" who was apparently an ex member of anonymous has hacked the website and given all the users' info to wikileaks. If irony were strawberries, we'd all be ball deep in smoothies right about now.
  2. That's a major blow to all the good that Anonymous goes and does around the world.
  3. Is this the same anonymous that terrorises girls on the Internet or is it a different one?
  4. Different. They generally go about harrasing dangerous institutions and standing up for injustice.
  5. They like to hack systems and cause trouble is what they do. Common criminals not Robin Hoods.
  6. They didn't disrupt PSN, which is what I am assuming you're getting at. And plus it'd be completely against what they do to steal innocent peoples identities off of a server even if they did hack it.
  7. No I don't believe they hacked PSN. They claim to not take credit card info, plus the file Sony found marked "anonymous" containing the phrase "we are legion" must have been planted to frame them. Who would hack a system then leave a calling card?



    So basically a couple of guys broke the law by hacking, or "jailbreaking" their PS3s so they can play free games and perform other tasks the PS3 was not designed to do. One of the hackers then went and posted a how to guide on the web detailing exactly how to illegally hack the PS3 software that they don't own the rights to. So now anonymous think that Sony have gone too far by taking a criminal to court and have repeatedly stated that they will attack Sony even going so far as to say "We are about to launch the bigest attack Sony has ever seen", just days before the PSN was hacked and taken down. Ill-chosen words. Anonymous hate Sony because they're taking someone to court who has broken the law, a hacker.

    All hackers in general do is fuck things up for people, they don't care whether or not they piss off over 100million people worldwide as long as they can feel big. Anonymous, and hackers everywhere, can suck my balls if they think they'll get any sympathy from me.