Apple 2015: iOS9 + iPhone6s

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  1. September 9th is when Apple will revolutionize the industry by releasing already available Android tech.

    But the tactile feedback technology implementation is something I'm looking forward to seeing. I've got some ideas of my own and am hoping Apple can deliver! I have come to love double/triple tap quick launch. Would be awesome if you could make more quick launch shortcuts using pressure feedback on different quadrants of the screen.

    Also, it's nice that both Android and iOS are supporting easy swap between the ecosystems. I like to hop around and previously it was a bit of a pain.
  2. you gonna have a note5/s6 edge plus vs iphone 6s showdown?
  3. Huawei Mate S just launched with Force touch (or whatever it's officially called). It looks like a great phablet build and feature wise with a much better screen to body ratio than the 6+, with the only probable let down the in-house produced SoC's performance. It will be interesting to see how Apples force touch is better/better implemented.
  4. Available for who?

  5. Tech as in hardware. NFC, for example. Unfortunately things like that effectively don't exist until Apple does them.
  6. Unfortunately, I don't have multiple lines at my disposal this year. I will probably try the iPhone6S now and swap to the Note5 when the price comes down in a few months. I considered a mobile Youtube channel, but I don't think I'd be a good host.

    Yep. That is the right concept, except something more refined instead of having to click exactly in the corners. Maybe use force touch similar to the BB Storm press-able screen. Customized 'quadrant' sizes dedicated to force touch shortcuts would be cool.

    Doubt Apple will hand over that level of control, but we'll find out tomorrow.

    And software... iOS9 finally brings split screen multi-tasking! Also, Siri may not suck so badly compared to Google Now soon.
  7. Nokia released the first mobile phone with NFC in 2006. The first Android phone with NFC was released in late 2010.
  8. Yeah, and Android M will finally bring split screen multi-tasking to stock Android.
  9. you can't cherry pick your arguments man. if you're gonna pit the entire android smartphone group into one to show fragmentation, then you have to use that same example for android software features.

    if you're gonna just use stock android as an example, then you have to use nexus devices to to compare to iphones. nexus devices work just like iphones. google handles the software push to their own nexus devices just like apple handles it. there is no carrier and oem handling for it so the fragmentation doesn't exist there. google also used to have a google experience program where oem's could submit their devices into it.. samsung galaxy s4, htc m8, etc. those devices ran off stock android too and got updates directly from google.

    the fragmentation charts are way too general to paint any type of picture. you're basically using android on other devices, but it is almost so far from it...should we even call it android? amazon doesn't even call it android anymore on their kindle fire devices.. they just call it fire os. touchwiz still has google play services so it resembles it more so, but it has so many features that stock doesn't that you don't even care if you're a version or 2 behind.
  10. it essentially still doesn't exist for apple. most of apple's customers still won't know what nfc is or what its full capabilities are. nfc in the ios devices are locked down only for apple pay. as i understand it, you can't even use it for bluetooth device pairing let alone the automated events you can program to nfc tags.
  11. Talk to supersonic. He's the one that made the generalized comparison to start the thread.
  12. supersonic, stop eating indian food.
  13. iPad Pro A9X SoC = faster CPU than 80% of PC laptops shipped in last 6 months, faster GPU than 90% of PC laptops shipped in last 6 months. I was hoping it might be a bit lighter, but being right around the weight of the original iPad isn't a deal breaker.
  14. It could probably run anything they ported to it.

  15. 360x performance? Way to go with the absolute best case scenarios that would never apply to real life. That would make it faster than 300w server GPU's. 22x for the CPU would make it faster than 150w server CPU's. Out of curiosity, do you actually believe that to be the case?
  16. The increase in weight for the iPhones is a concern. The iPhone 6S + is 192g. That's crazy heavy for a phone.
  17. it's a scary day when mobile os devices start hitting ultrabook price ranges. omg the money apple will be rolling in.
  18. 22X and 360X are comparisons to the SoC in the original iPad. The comparison to PCs is the 80%/90% I posted above. And yes, I believe all of those numbers. Apple has a good track record with those statements. Like any any other hardware manufacturer, they use terms like "up to", meaning the top number is a best case scenario.
  19. iPad Pro's price is right in line with the non-subsidized phone prices. Top end of the Plus line has been at $850.