Apple iOS 10

Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Jun 14, 2016.


  1. Notable features:

    Improved Notifications
    Transcribed VoiceMail
    Delete Apple pre-installed Apps
    3rd Party Siri
    iMessage more like a chat app than SMS/MMS

    There is a whole bunch of other garbage features for hipsters. Wonder if the new notification system will pair with a hardware notification light in the fall. If not, I've come around to a fitness band to alert me of phone/text. Haven't found one that does Whatsapp and FB Messenger.
  2. Found an interesting iOS bug.

    Was getting messages about running out of space. Checked which apps were using what. You can't clear their cached data from iOS. Have to uninstall and reinstall the app.

  3. not sure if it's considered a bug at this point. this has been a problem with iOS for awhile. happened to my sister on her iphone 4s when I was looking for stuff to delete on her phone. the Facebook app was taking up over 2 gigs. and keep in mind that the 4s is a 2011 phone.

    app devs have been adding a clear cache feature in their app settings so see if your problematic apps gave that.