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  1. Ha. I was just coming here to mention this. Apple finally admitted what we've all known for a long time. They slow down their old products after every new product launch.

    What has driven me bonkers in the amount people that tell others not to buy last gen apple tablets and phones because the processors are too slow. They've never been too slow. It's all marketing and intentional slowdown. The next processor can be 5x faster than the current one but it wont be humanly perceivable. The only solution is to do what they do, tank their own products, and hope the faithful convince the rest of us that each new phone is faster than the last. This is what happens when product innovation has reached it's limit. That and they remove features, like the headphone jack, and convince people it's an upgrade.
  2. I knew they were doing this shit. My 6 Plus started out fast and steadily slowed to a crawl. Became unbearable around the release of the 8, X, and iOS11. And we're supposed to believe it's a coincidence that the phones slow down right when the new ones come out.

    As bfun said, this is their way of dealing with a lack of innovation and phones being fast enough for most people.
  3. This isn't as black and white as you guys are assuming. This specifically when the batteries start degrading to a point where the device could start malfunctioning if the soc was working to capacity.

    More specifically, not so long ago, the Nexus 6P had this problem. The battery would degrade and the device would just start powering off on its own when you would use it since it would try to pull too much current that the degraded battery could handle.

    The problem here is that Apple wasn't transparent about it. A simple battery replacement solves this issue. This has nothing to do with phasing out older products as even the iphone 6 still runs circles around 80% of android phones out there.
  4. Yes, it opaque. The technical reasons for it have merit but the fact that the slow downs happen around the release of new phones is shady. Apple has to know that will help sales. A hardware failure might make the company look bad but intentionally slowing a device down without telling the customer is dishonest. People who buy used and refurbished devices might want to know that their processor is running at 600MHz rather than the advertised 1400MHz. Additionally, I've read that replacing the battery can bring the phone back up to full speed. That's another piece of information Apple might want to share. A pro can replace a battery for about $80 and that's a lot less than a new $700 phone.

    I'm also willing to bet that some Android phone manufactures are guilty of this as well.
  5. I can't take it anymore. I'm going to eat a large Taco Bell meal and take a diarrhea dump on the genius desk
  6. The slowdowns are not all linked to this battery degradation issue though. There's lots of variables to it. Such as slowdowns happening after an ios update. Lots of people fix this by just factory resetting. This is an android issue too.

    Oh android manufacturers are guilty of much worst (LG not acknowledging their bootloop issues), but that's another conversation.
  7. When I poop on the genius desk, I'm going to give them a stern look where I don't blink or break eye contact. That will express my displeasure with them slowing down phones.
  8. How does LG keep having the same issue with every new phone? That's the crazy part. Maybe the V30 and V20 were fine. I'm not sure.
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  11. i don't know whats going on in here but it literally made me post this.

  12. I'm not fully buying into Apples explanation. It might make sense for iPhone6/6s, but no way it holds water on iPhone7 slowdowns that were reported. If it's true there should be a toggle or an allowance to downgrade back the final release of the previous iOS.

    On the flip side, Apple's solution could simply be to stop supporting older devices faster like most of their competitors. I've also enjoyed how long they carry old phones for. It's one of the reasons the resale value is so high, imo.
  13. Planned obsolescence to sell you a new phone is the real explanation.
  14. I'm wondering if this will affect resale value. Now people will wonder if used phones are gimped.
  15. They'd better do something about this, or it's going to be Chipotle instead of Taco Bell.
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  17. How does the throttling work? Do they throttle all phone of a specific model or is it based on specific battery performance?

    I'm curious to see if replacing a battery reverses the throttling. Its so cheap now to do an iPhone battery swap, it may be worth the cost if it regains some CPU performance.