Are you Prepped?

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  1. Are you ready for the apocalypse?

    I think I have enough food for 4 people for maybe 1.5 months. I have a generator but I don't keep much fuel around. I have storage for water but I don't keep them filled. I'm debating if I should get a DIY shallow water well kit like this one. Total cost is about $600.

    I have a large Berkey water filter tank and some of those life straws.

    This is one of the two large lithium batteries I keep charged. They run about $220. I also have a 100 Watt solar panel that can keep the batteries charged.

    On the prepper scale of 1 to 10, I feel like I'm a 2.2.
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    Not really but our next house will be. We are getting ready to sell our house and move to an 8 acre farm that used to be my wife's grandfather's place. It has well water, a septic system, horse stables, chicken coops, and enough farm land to grow your own food. There's even an abandoned auto mechanic shop on the property. That place would rate highly on a prepper scale. It's also in a weird location surrounded by trees where I don't think most people even know it exists.

    Imagine the farm from S2 of The Walking Dead and that's basically where we're moving.
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  3. no sirrrrrrrr.. i'm not even ready for hurricanes and i lived in florida the majority of my life.
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  4. lol I have like 24-48 hours of food. But 6 months of toilet paper.

  5. Going to be a farmer eh? That's a good way to prep.
  6. I don't know if I will or not. It was a fully functioning farm at one time but her grandfather stopped farming when he got old and sick.
  7. My wife's family has a small farm and I suppose we could live on it if we wanted, but it hasn't been used in years and nature pretty much took it back.
  8. I’ve been looking into solar and wind for a bit. The technology is improving at a nice rate with some good advances in battery tech lately.

    My own prepping project is still in the planning/dream phase but it’s a solar and wind powered cabin cruiser boat to go up and down the coast in. Living near the ocean and water it makes more sense to be able to traverse it easier as the oceans rise.

    Yes a sail boat would work, but their are days without wind just as their are days without sun. Solar panels coupled with windmills gives you power in most any condition. 24 hours of consistent free power is not out of the question. That type of mobility coupled with a powerful radar is attractive. Stay away from pirates and also outpace them.

    A cabin in the woods and a farm in the Midwest is also an idea. But I do like the mobility of a boat. Typical zombie scenario concerns are valid for many post apocalyptic situations. I think it could be easier to just float away than to defend a castle.

  9. I've ordered a couple of handheld Ham radios. The range between units is probably 5 miles but could go over 50 with repeaters. I guess people get fined for not using these things appropriately so I'll need to work on getting a Ham radio license. These should come in handy if Colorado gets hit by a hurricane.