Ass Effect andromeda

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  1. I couldn't help but notice something when playing Mass Effect Andromeda. Does anyone know what these two people behind me have in common?

  2. they twerkin
  3. All of the asses in this game look like they are squatting to take a dump
  4. They're gay and are the only two characters in the game that bend over and put their asses out like that.
  5. They stick their asses out in a suggestive manner so you can identify the gay ones
  6. That's what it seems like. I've never seen anyone else mention it so maybe I got a limited release gay booty version.
  7. How do you initiate dating with them? Do you slap them on the ass?
  8. Funny you should mention that. It seemed like they were all wanting to flirt from the very beginning and pretty much every dialog window has a flirt response so if you're not careful you'll enter a gay relationship. The women were the opposite. It takes a lot of time and work to get the flirt option with them. They want to have their personal missions solved before they get personal but the guys are just like...oh hi, lets fuck.
  9. Always some gay shit going on here now. Horse loving and cyber gay rpgs. What the fuck.

    Lexa doug was the best andromeda of all time.

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    That seems accurate. Women want to be wined and dined and romanced and shit. Men you can probably just say "hey let's fuck" and they'd be like "cool let's do it."
  11. Still waiting on a Mass Effect trilogy PS4 remaster.
  12. Dragon Age Origins also went overboard on the gay. One character in particular pretty much sexually harassed other party members throughout the game. It did end in a rather interesting sex scene though.

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    Wow when did Bioware games get so gay? I haven't played anything from them since Mass Effect 3. So a goat man sexually harasses you the entire game and then you have sex with him?

    Is there still straight or lesbian romance in their games, or is it all gay stuff now?
  14. You can romance anyone even Krogans. :D
  15. Everything you can imagine. Origin even covers transgender. With each new game Bioware gets deeper into the "sexual politics". Some say it's a good thing but I'm finding it too forced.

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    I guess they want to have the romance aspect to have as broad of an appeal as possible
  17. I never saw it in game but Andromeda also had a trans character which apparently upset the trans community because she revealed her pre-transition name for no reason. A patch was issues so that she no longer reveled the information until she had a trust relationship with the player.

    Bioware responded to this back in 2011 and I think back then they were just starting to introduce the gay story line choices. Players could choose to enter gay relations ships or not and if they didn't there wasn't much more to experience. By the time Origins and Andromeda came around they made sure the players knew they were going to experience a sexually diverse world whether they wanted to or not.

    From 2011

    And for even more controversy they had this guy as a developer.


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    At a time when their games are being ripped to shreds for being released in a broken, unfinished state, it seems silly to put so much time and effort into fringe romance options like gay sex with goatmen that most of their player base probably doesn't care about and will never even see.
  19. Did anything happen to that guy with that blatant right in your face racism or is it okay because hes not white?
  20. Being racist is only bad if you're white
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