assigned avatars

Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by khaid, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. I just noticed my assigned avatar. Well played.
  2. Being a man of mystery, I had no cheap shots to take! You fared better than all the others ;D
  3. Whose avatars have you changed? I'm assuming you did monsly's teaching assistant one. Khaid's just looks like one he chose himself.
  4. We all know Khaid has a deep love for FFVII!
  5. On the default theme, if you don't have an avatar it gives you a blue avatar with a question mark. At quick glance, I would mix up who was posting so I filled them in. Think I got most of them by now.

    It's in the new rules:
    You have the right to an avatar, if you cannot afford an avatar, one will be appointed to you.
  6. Weird. I haven't noticed anyone without an avatar
  7. I was confusing AKS and Khaid on some threads. I changed monslys out of spite. Then feeling even more spiteful I went ahead and did Hawk, Fusion, and TheSteve.

    I thought it would motivate people to pick their own, not wear them like a badge of honor.