Atari Jaguar II VS Sony Playstation

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  1. Well, I thought i'd bring this discussion back from the previous forum, but it always interested me on what Atari were going to bring on next, before their ship sank. And yes, it was the Atari Jaguar II.

    I still stand by my decision saying that Microsoft would not have entered the console market it Atari were still around. When Atari went belly up, we were surrounded with Japanese consoles. So it was a good move to come out with the Xbox.

    But the question was, how would the Jaguar II compare with the PSX? Maybe someone with a bit of knowledge could break down these specs:

    The Jaguar II



    The Jaguar 2 has seven processors, which are contained in three chips.
    Two of the chips are proprietary designs, nicknamed "Tom" and "Jerry".
    The third chip is a standard Motorola 68EC020 used as a coprocessor.
    Tom and Jerry are built using an 0.3 micron silicon process. With
    proper programming, all seven processors can run in parallel.


    Crazy right? They even thought of backwards compatability at the time! But was this too advanced for the time?
  2. Could they have produced something that powerful for an affordable price in the early to mid 90s? I have my doubts.
  3. Any info on the amount of external DRAM/VRAM the Jaguar II was to feature? With those specs alone it sure looked fast, but without a couple MB's of DRAM I doubt the fast but small SRAM and caches would have been enough.

    As monkey said, I really don't see how that would have ever been cost effective in the mid 90's given the specs, or even if it released after the N64 considering the sheer amount of processors.