Banding together for trophies

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Armadeadn, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. If you need help getting trophies on any game let everyone know and maybe they'll take pity on you and offer to help. I'll get things started.

    I need help with a trophy on Red Dead Redemption. It's called "Posse Up!" and requires you to create a Posse in free roam and get the maximum number of members which is 8 people. Anyone want to have a go at helping me with this one?
  2. Good luck with that one. I think the most I've played with is 4 back when it was new.
  3. This thread is a good idea for trophy hunters. An official PS3 forum did it for every game and that worked out well.
  4. I'd be up for some games in RDR after I get a few things completed that I am working on. At the moment I'm not going to have much time to play.
  5. Ahhh a trophy whoring set-up. I remember when I used to whore gamer score, but I never got past the 20k mark, definitely helps make single player games more interesting as it adds a competetive element with friends over single player games.
  6. Ever wonder if it was just because you are socially awkward or just a plain loser
  7. That forum has helped me get many a trophy. I used to be a major achievement whore. Me and a friend has a competition to see who could amass the most gamerscore. We stopped racing once we both hit 20,000. I think the last time I looked on my 360 hard drive via my mum's Xbox it was around 37,000. I've really chilled out on the achievement/trophy hunting since I realised I was playing games just to get them rather than enjoying the games but I still like to work at them sometimes. Just got back into RDR after not playing it for ages so I thought I'd look at the almost untouched multiplayer trophies since I rinsed the single player campaign a few months back.