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  1. I downloaded the demo of this game. It's unique in that everything you do is narrated like a story. Break a bunch of barrels and hear, "kid just stuck around a while smashing stuff". The music is pretty good too and the sound track can be bought for a few dollars.

  2. I think the art style looks pretty sharp. Have you played much of it? Hard to tell if the gameplay is going to be that interesting from the intro vid.
  3. I played the 15 minute demo. The naration and music really make the game unique. Of course there are many unique indie games. I just don't have time to play them all. The game play itself is basic and fun and the art is nice. I came close to buying it. I feel like I should support these kind of developers rather than the big name guys.
  4. It's got an SNES look, which is kinda cool in a retro way.
  5. This is one of my most favored games of 2011. The sound track is utterly stunning, the music is unbelievably great. The OST alone is worth a look at, the gameplay is pure fun. I got 8hrs out of it. A must buy if you were thinking about it!

    The latter levels are really hard and require a fair bit of attention.
  6. It looks really boring but I've heard nothing but great things about it.
  7. It's very unique. If I ever run out of games to play I'll look at it again.
  8. If you ever run out of games to play, you should freakin get sins of a solar empire (if you havent gotten it already) since it's on steam now.