Bates Motel

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by AKS, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. I started watching the Bates Motel series, and it's surprisingly good.

    No wonder he turned into a psycho. His mom is the worst type of borderline (personality disorder): very hot and very crazy.
  2. Is it on Netflix now?

    I tried to watch this show when it first came out, but didn't stay tuned. Not that the show wasn't good, it just wasn't good enough to come back each week like clockwork.

    I think I prefer the marathon viewing model of streaming TV. I might give this a shot if it's readily available now.
  3. Seasons 1 and 2 are on netflix. I don't know how many seasons have been on TV. I just happened to see this pop up on netflix and decided to give it a try. Vera Farmiga is particularly impressive.
  4. Solid recommendation! I started this yesterday and finished Season 1 today.

    Norman Bates is cast so utterly perfect. They nailed the appearance dead on, the kid looks like he will age into Anthony Perkins. He's also a great actor, incredibly convincing at being naive but unintentionally creepy. I was surprised to find Norma as the breakout character in this show. Amazingly complex woman that really blurs the lines of a overprotective parent, sick co-dependent, and bat shit insanity. I would say she is more sympathetic than anything right now. I also like how they expanded the creepiness to include the whole town of crazies. The subplots are pretty good and help to delay the inevitable conclusion.

    Not sure why I ignored this show. Very cool to see the catalysts for Norman to grow into his destiny. Season 3 premiers tonight: