Battlefield 1

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  1. This looks like a game that could bring me back into the franchise.

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    Looks awesome. I've always wanted a well done WWI multiplayer shooter. It looks like it will feature the western front and the middle eastern front based on the trailer. I didn't see anything from the eastern front. I'm curious what battles we will get to see. Maybe Verdun, Somme, or Gallipoli? I also saw something there with Battleships that looked like Jutland. And it looked like you can play as TE Lawrence's guerillas and attack the Ottoman trains.

    Battlefield is giving us something totally new that people have been wanting for ages, while Call of Duty is giving us yet another generic space marine shooter.
  3. I wonder if they will have mustard gas as weapon.

    Actually it looks like there is mustard gas at :30
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    Maybe they'll give you a gas mask and you'll have a certain amount of time to put it on before the gas gets you.

    Chlorine and phosgene were also used, but not as frequently. Those were more deadly than mustard gas.
  5. Looks like they've sped up WWI quite a bit for the Red Bull generation.
  6. I think it depends on what part of the war you focus on. The air war was fast paced. TE Lawrence using guerilla warfare in the middle east was fast paced. Also in the last couple of years of the war there were trench busting weapons like tanks and flamethrowers that sped things up.
  7. Maybe a more accurate trailer.

    And slightly unrelated. Here is some German Armor from WWI.

  8. Generic space marine shooter vs the most unique thing to happen to military shooters in many years.
  9. Zeplins, trains, and plains...oh my.

  10. It looks really good. It makes me wonder why WWI hasn't been done much in military shooters.
  11. The war had a lot of cavalry and if you think about it's only been the last few years that games have done a good job with horses. I never understood why they could sim cars and motorcycles but not horses. Also trench war fair is boring. Tanks came late. Slow rate of fire with old riffles. Like 10 shots a minute. It definitely had to be red bull injected to make an interesting FPS.
  12. There is an open Beta going on for all platforms. I might give it a go if I can make space on my drive.
  13. I guess all the EA BF1 servers are down everywhere. Last night I only played the campaign so didn't get a chance to try online play. The game looks really good.
  14. I guess I've been playing for about a month now. In short this game is a lot of fun.

    The Good.

    It's a lot fun and pretty well polished. It might be the most balanced online shooter I've ever played. Matches last about 25 minutes and it's pretty rare for a team to get blown out. If one side starts to get blown out they are reinforced with an armored train, battleship or attack zeppelin thing. That's usually enough to bring back balance but it's no guarantee that side will win. There are a large variety of weapons for each class so the player can make an appropriate build out for each maps terrain. The graphics look really nice.

    The Bad.

    The game has a class leveling system that seems kind of pointless after level 4 when most of the weapons have been unlocked. Even the player ranks are kind of lame. For instance you make Sargent but then go on to Sargent level 2 and 3 and so on but the insignia never changes. To me it seems like they could have been more creative. There are also random weapon skin rewards that are really neat but extremely rare. After a month I have 6 and they are for weapons I've never used. The game needs more maps. I'm sure those will come eventually.

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