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  1. After playing BF2 for over 3500 hours, anything after BF2 was a letdown, including BC2. Its still fun, but console style.
    DICE have promised the PC version will be really 'PC', and not watered down thanks to consoles. Its said to use DX11 and all the fancy stuff, but BC2 is using those aswell, and it still stinks in comparison to Battlefield 2.

    Am smelling a console style BF3 for PC, so am not having my hopes high. Hopefully, in the far future, we will get real pc games back, with dedicated server/LAN support, big maps, no limitations, graphics that are '2011' and not console-2005, etc.
  2. I don't know if we will ever get another quality BF game if they keep making them for the consoles. BC2 is like BF-light. It's fun but it still doesn't come close to BF.
  3. I must be the only person here who thought BC2 was better than BF2. BF2 felt overcomplicated and had too much going on.
  4. Your the only one on the planet :D
  5. That's what made it so great. You're in a battle but that battle is in a war. It's huge and complicated. BC2 is great but it's just less of everything.
  6. A teaser trailer got leaked; I wouldn't even say it was a teaser but it's something. You can get it here:

    Gameinformer apparently have a feature coming on it

  7. For some reason, i feel its console-limited again for the PC version.
  8. How can you tell from the teaser?
  9. The soldier in the black/white is a straight copy from the BC2 menu. BC2=console style.
  10. I think you're getting way ahead of yourself there in your desire to badmouth consoles; Battlefield 3 will be 64 players, dedicated servers and if it features half the Battflefield 2 features it could ONLY go on PC. I suspect BF3 will be just like BF2 in that it will demand the most insane spec machine to run properly.

    Thanks, consoles.
  12. Exactly, if BF3 would ever go the BF2 route, it would be only for the pc. But thats not the case, BF3 will be PS3 and 360 aswel. Which means they have to adjust to the console hardware and limitations.
  13. We've heard the 64 player story before. I'll be a negative Nancy with Hellripper. I doubt we'll see a newer better version of BF2. It will be gimped somehow.
  14. The PC is dead! Long live the PC!
  15. More like exclusives are dead. Long live mediocre multiplatform games!
  16. Hurrah for top notch exclusives!
  17. Yeah, exclusives almost always come out better and more polished. PS3 exclusives take advantage of the heavy threading of the cell microarchitecture. PC exclusives take advantage of the powerful video cards available to PC gamers. And the control schemes always come out better too.
  18. What about Xbox exclusives?
  19. LOL. I can't really think of anything special about the 360 developers would take advantage of hardware-wise. I guess unified shaders, but the PC has those too. Don't ask me. I sold my 360 years ago because I'm not that into Halo or Gears and it seemed pointless after I upgraded my PC.

    And the Wii is just a total POS.
  20. Quad Cores can be taken advantage of aswel, regarding pc side.
    Atleast the games that are multiplatform, are the best on pc. Guess exclusives are gone for now atleast.