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  1. Decided to create a topic for BC2, the PC version. Since the game is very different on the PC from the consoles, i'd post it here instead of the general gaming discussion.

    Am having about 800/900 hrs clocked on this game, while it doesnt come close to what BF2 was in 2005, it still finds a way to entertain me and my clan, although, most members play it 2 hrs a day, which with BF2 was like 8 hrs a day.

    Currently im playing the new map Oasis alot, on the FunGaming Oasis 24/7 server (the only populated Oasis only server ive found so far without stupid rules).
    I might consider buying Vietnam, but just for those 5 maps....

    Anyone else here actively playing this game?
  2. I actually tried the Beta of this when it was first released and I quite enjoyed it. It is a much better multiplayer FPS compared to what Call of Duty and same type FPS give. It really was a battlefield.
  3. Some times I get tired of the destructible environments. I guess it depends on how long the round is. There is one map with a lot of tanks and helicopters and wide open areas. After about 10 minutes every place a foot solder could hide is destroyed. The idea works better on smaller and shorter time limit maps.
  4. Attacking is fun, defending is not. I loved being a Sniper, but in the Beta you could click a button and players could see where you were. I don't know if they fixed that in the final game though.
  5. Yea, those 1200 ticket servers arent fun, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run.

    @Phisix, thats only in softcore mode, softcore mode sucks. A hit with the .50 call M95 wont kill.
    Play hardcore, thats a real battlefield (with 32 player servers).
  6. Some annoying camping from me with a M95 :D

  7. Look what i found:D

  8. I've been playing this quite a bit recently. I've leveled up a bit and gotten better at the game. The classes are all pretty horrible in the beginning as the starting weapons suck.
  9. In most of the cases, the starting weapons are the best, dont look at the stats, they dont represent them well.
    What i agree on is that you miss the perks and things like ammo boxes and shock paddles.

    Clocked 850 hours now and still like the game... its nowhere near what BF2 was but its still a great game in many ways.

    A good advice is to increase your FOV to 85, this will remove the console FOV and give you a wider spectrum of view, which is a big advantage regarding infantry and sniping.
  10. Really? I thought that AK type gun you get in the beginning for the assault class was absolutely worthless. It's wildly inaccurate and has a slow rate of fire. I couldn't kill much of anything until I got the XM8 and F2000. And the engineer was a totally worthless class until I unlocked the repair ability. It's a good game, but they make you much too weak in the beginning. I spent a long time getting raped by high level players. It takes too long to level. It shows 25 hours in Steam and I'm only at level 6.

    And I already increased the FOV.
  11. I didn't find any particularly good multiplayer guides for this game, so this is pretty much what I've gathered by playing.

    Assault: pretty standard infantry vs infantry class. You get XP mostly by killing people. The ammo crates don't give you much XP. Weak vs vehicles.
    Engineer: Vehicle support class. Good against tanks. Weak against everything else. Gets XP by destroying or repairing vehicles. A good strategy is to be a machine gunner on a tank. You'll get a lot of XP by killing people on the machine gun, and you can occasionally hop out and repair the tank.
    Medic: Infantry support class. Good against infantry at close range, also good against helicopters. You get most of your XP by healing and reviving teammates. A good way to get XP is to throw down health packs at MCOM stations or the capture points on conquest.
    Recon: sniper class. Good at long range, useless when cornered. I use this class mostly for the mortar ability. You get most of your XP by dropping scout beacons and killing people. I think this is the most useless class I've played. It's pretty useless against vehicles since it's nearly impossible to get close enough to plant a charge. And it's too easy to get surrounded by enemies playing as assault or medics, and all you've got in that case is a pistol. Moreover the sniper rifles you start out with are terrible, and it takes a huge amount of effort to unlock the decent ones.
  12. Yea, only for assault though that the first weapon isnt the best. The AEK still isnt that bad.
    Leveling didnt take long for me but that could be cause i started with the game a year ago, so everyone is level 1 and unexperienced. Leveled up two accounts till 39 and 46. Then ive my own account thats level 49. This in a total of 850 hours. Thats nothing, this game is way to easy, with BF2, you needed 1440 hours at minimum total play time to get the latest rank.
  13. So you're saying level 7 in 26 hours isn't bad? Seems very slow to me.

  14. Ammo crates give me ALOT of score, and the class really excells, especially if you combine C4 with the M14 + Red dot.

    Weak against anything? Try the PP2000/Magnum ammo combo. The AT4 is king, once mastered, youll get kicked for using it.

    Medic good to kill Helo's?:p Yea its possible but tracer+CG or an AT4 is way better for that.

    Regarding your Recon conclusions, are you kidding me?:p The M24 is alongside the SV98 the best sniper rifle. Regarding damage, their all in the same area about, but the M24 and the SV98 are the fastest with reloading and between shots, that is the most important thing. Accuracy is same with all of the snipers.
    If you use the Recon kit mainly for the mortar strike, your not using the kit right.
    Try using a shotgun+magnum ammo and the motion mines+C4 on close combat maps, best combo for the sniper. Sniping from a distance mostly results in a kick or annoyance from team players.

    Btw, for leveling up, if you want me to rank up your account, just PM me. Unlocking all the weapons wont take long for me and i play most of the day:p
  15. Yea its slow, but thats probally cause you start playing when most ppl allready played the game for over a year, giving them a big advantage with weapons, and even more important, experience. I can play with a level 1 account and still end up being first. Happens sometimes, when the 'unlock bug' happens to me.

    Another hint, the new Oasis map is very good for high scores, am mostly on the 24/7 Oasis servers.
  16. Again you're talking about stuff that requires a huge amount of experience to unlock. I don't even have most of the stuff you're talking about yet.
  17. Alright I unlocked the SV98 and I'm having more fun with recon now. This is the first sniper rifle I've used that actually has the accuracy and stopping power to kill something. The first two sniper rifles were absolutely worthless IMO. The M24 is way underpowered, and the T88 is horribly inaccurate and has no range.

    This is definitely not a noob friendly game, particularly in hardcore mode, but maybe that's a good thing since it scares off the kiddies who are into Modern Warfare.
  18. I love the T88 and especially the SVD. Try no-scoping close range. You can kill enemies up close that way. I have killed a hell of a lot of vehicles with mortars.

    All of the sniper rifles seemed decent to me.
  19. Medic and Engineer seem to be the best classes for racking up points.
  20. The medic especially. You get a lot of points from dropping health packs and reviving teammates, and the LMGs are very powerful against enemy infantry at close range.

    Do you still play? What level did you get to?