Battlezone 1998 Remastered on Steam

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    Anyone ever play the 1998 version of Battlezone? I thought it was one of the gems of the golden age of PC gaming. It was a first person real time strategy game. You could pilot and hijack vehicles and also fight on foot with a jetpack and anti-tank sniper rifle. You also had to build a base and command units. The multiplayer was amazing. It was almost like playing an early version of Battlefield, but with an RTS element. I still consider it one of the most unique and innovative games I've ever played. Unfortunately I don't think it was ever very popular.

  2. I've read this 10x and have no clue what is going on... both those videos have shit graphics. Is this being remade or did you just want to talk about a old game?

    It looks like Descent with a tank, so I hate it already.
  3. lol, it's being remade. Rebellion picked up the rights to it some years ago and here we are. Unfortunately, Rebellion isn't a big time publisher with megabucks so we won't see a huge facelift like Homeworld Remastered. But given today's new distribution systems in place for smaller titles to go big, I think Battlezone will do quite well in its own right.
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    It's just an HD remastering. The graphics are shit now, but they were great in 1998.

    It was kind of like Command and Conquer Red Alert crossed with Descent. It was an RTS where you commanded units from a first person perspective and you flew around in a hover tank. It's one of the most unique games I've played, and it's crying out for a modern remake or reboot. I guess an HD remastering is a start.

    Seriously, don't knock it until you've tried it. Battlezone was amazing. One of the best RTSs ever made, up there with Total Annihilation, Homeworld, and Starcraft. It should have been the first of a new genre of first person RTSs. Unfortunately that genre never took off because no one played it.
  5. Isn't this it?

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    That looks like a remake of the original Battlezone. The one from the 90s is an RTS. It's like a first person Command and Conquer Red Alert in space. You can play as Americans or Soviets.

  7. But RTSs are so boring