Best and Worst Actors?

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  1. Best
    Al Pacino
    Robert Deniro
    Anthony Hopkins

    Ashton Kutcher
    Keanu Reeves
    William Shatner
    That werewolf kid from the Twilight movies who always takes his shirt off
    Shit Ledouche
  2. You Bastard
  3. More Best Actors: Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey
    More Worst Actors: Ben Stiller, Hayden Christensen, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen

    Keanu Reeves and William Shatner are bad actors, but The Matrix and the even-numbered Star Trek films are classics, and so are Point Break and Speed.
  4. I'd say the best living male film actor is Daniel Day-Lewis. My pick for best ever male film actor would be Marlon Brando.

    I tend to avoid most awful movies when possible, but the rare exception was the masterwork of Tommy Wiseau, The Room. He's HORRIBLE at acting, directing, and writing.
  5. People give him a lot of stick but I have to say one of the best and most versatile actors today has to be Christian Bale. Have you seen The Fighter? You think he's totally hamming it up but the guy is perfectly copying the character he plays; they show the real brothers in the credits. Yeah, he's done Batman but the guy can move effortlessly between roles and really turn it on when he needs to. OK he did that shit terminator film but I think that's it. If you want to see someone turn out a really creepy performance I suggest you watch American Psycho.

    Otherwise I pretty much agree with everyone else.
  6. Without him that Terminator film would have been even worse. That said, he is probably one of my favourite actors around at the moment.
  7. Christian Bale definitely came to mind for me as well. I don't think he has the freakish level of talent that Day-Lewis has, but Bale tends to be much more active. Also, unlike Day-Lewis, Bale seems to actually enjoy being in movies, whereas Day-Lewis has indicated he does not despite his unbelievable talent. Day-Lewis also tends to frighten his co-stars with his extreme method acting. For example, I've read from several sources that Day-Lewis actually chucked bowling balls at Paul Dano in There Will Be Blood. He also trained with a world champion boxer for 18 months for The Boxer to such an extreme level that his trainer said he could have easily became a professional boxer.

    This stuff that he does just isn't normal:

    Bale may throw occasional fits, but he's not this crazy.
  8. I've noticed that Bale plays the perfect psycho! American Psycho, Harsh Times, The Machinist, real life...
  9. Retro Best:
    Paul Newman
    James Stewart
    Robert Mitchum
    Alec Guinness
    Richard Burton
    Laurence Olivier
    William Holden
    Jack Nicholson

    Contemporary Best:
    Russell Crowe
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Sean Penn
    Gary Oldman
    Johnny Depp
    Denzel Washington
    Morgan Freeman
  10. Jason Biggs in Anything Else was horrible. It was painful to watch. He needs to stick to dick jokes.