Best Android Browser?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by cmdrmonkey, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. I had been using Dolphin HD for awhile, but just tried Opera mobile and it's pretty damn good, way better than Dolphin IMO. I like how you can make flash videos an on-demand thing similar to Dolphin so they don't slow browsing. The interface is very clean. And it's quite fast, even on my now rather dated Galaxy S. I'm not normally a fan of Opera, but it's the best Android browser I've tried.

    Mobile Firefox is a disaster. The stock browser is getting quite dated and it's slow. I'm surprised Google hasn't attempted a Chrome port.

    Any other browsers you guys have tried or opinions on which one is best?
  2. Only tried Opera and standard SGS2 browser and found Opera to be very good so I'm sticking with it. I mainly like the auto zooming when you miss clicking a link, and the way you can go back from a zoom with the back button.
  3. I'm using Opera Mobile as well, but tend to switch between that and the standard browser.
  4. After using Safari on the iPhone, I can't stand the stock Android browser. Opera is much better in my opinion.
  5. I tend to use whatever browser my phone comes with. With my evo, I used the Sense browser. With my SGS2, I just use the touchwiz browser as touchwiz 4.0 added hardware acceleration to the browser. All sites have been super smooth on it so far.

    I use dolphin HD on my touchpad as it's the closest experience to a tablet browser so far. I also like the gesture features it includes.
  6. I didn't realize the Android browser was customizable with the overlays. I don't like it because you have to hit the menu button to pull up the refresh button, and also hit the menu button to split into new windows/tabs.

    Opera lets you do that by just scrolling to the top of the browser.
  7. The interface of the stock android browser is exactly the same as the touchwiz browser. I had to get used to it since the Sense browser had the refresh button next to the address bar and you pull up bookmarks from the menu.. basically flipped around from the touchwiz/android browser.

    You guys tried Opera mini?
  8. Yeah, that is the one I use. Very solid and intuitive. Might require a larger screen for the on screen menu, but it saves so much time by not having to find the menu button.
  9. I use opera mobile. Mini doesn't display correctly on my phone.