Best anti-virus/malware?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by cmdrmonkey, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. What do you use to protect your computer against malware?

    I've found avast and malwarebytes to be a pretty good free combination. Avast seems to be comparable to some of the paid options in terms of detection, and it's lightweight. I particularly like the silent/gaming mode. As far as anti-spyware, I used spybot, adaware, spyware blaster, and a few others years ago, but they eventually became bloated and almost spyware-like themselves. Malwarebytes is rather good though.
  2. I still use AVG Free, used it since 2007 and have never had a virus. I'm currently using the 2011 edition... obviously.
  3. I use AVG 2011 because it's free.

    But you know it came with pop up adds when I installed it! Pissed me off a little but then at some point they all went away. I think it only lasted a month.

    I also have Ad-Aware but I don't run it on a regular basis.
  4. I use AVG free as a scanner and MalwareBytes when something becomes infected as I haven't found anything as good at cleaning up a computer.

    At the moment on my Laptop I have McAfee because it came with a free 15 month license, may as well use it.
  5. I'm trying out Microsoft Security Essentials. I really like it so far. It's lightweight, has a clean interface, integrates well with Windows, and from what I've read is about as effective at catching viruses as Avast. I also like that it doesn't pester you about registering or switching to a paid version the way avast does.
  6. nothing nada and I plan to keep it that way.
  7. Running a computer with no antivirus is really stupid these days, especially if you're one of those Luddites that's still using XP. Even Macs are now getting viruses.
  8. I've used Avast! for the last year or so. I haven't tried MalwareBytes yet. I may download that today.
  9. Malwarebytes is a good second line of defense. Definitely worth downloading.

    It doesn't crap up your computer like spybot or adaware.
  10. I installed it. I'll see how it behaves and how well I like it.
  11. and where do you find this wonderful mandate? perhaps from the good folks from symantec/ mcafee/ microsoft? Perhaps it's well known thanks to nameless employees and propaganda from said companies? I'm not saying it's for everybody and I'm not bragging. I'm just saying if you're willing to lose everything or even contract a worm that spreads through your address book (which I only keep on my smartphone so...) I don't see why one should waste cycles on a stupid antivirus. Especially since an antivirus program is only good if it's updated every week.
  12. Modern antivirus programs update themselves automatically, and there are good free options. When was the last time you actually used an antivirus? 10 years ago?

    I've never understood the whole conspiracy theory thing some people seem to have with antivirus programs. Malware infections are very real, and they can be quite nasty. They're also largely avoidable. Not running an antivirus is dumb. Really dumb.

    On another note, I really like MSSE. I switched all of my PCs over to it from avast.
  13. I've tinkered with a few here and there most recently with my new HP laptop earlier this year... it was basically a waste of my time. I've not actively used an av for some 5 or so years, never in 13+ years of heavy computing have I found anything I could call a virus really. A few early mistakes that I blamed on viruses :) (y2k... lol hey propaganda CAN be your friend :D) 1 nasty well known hack due to widows messaging on an old WinXP SP1 install. But like I said if your ready for the consequences, I see no harm in turning your antivirus/ firewall off. It just wasted cpu cycles not to mention your own time if/ when you have to troubleshoot/ upgrade or even pay for the subscription on the thing. I am convinced, 80% of PERSONAL computers probably don't even need antiviruses if, like you said, they keep up to date. Even anti-malware scans (if I'm not oblivious to anything... else :|) are unnecessary. But if they keep your mind at ease than by all means, but my time is MUCH more precious to me.

    Conspiracy theory? Not any more than them hiding the cure for Cancer. In other words I take this pretty lightly. I don't need it.

    I find that when my computer DOES have an infection, it only gets worse when you have the WRONG anti-virus. I'd rather arm myself AFTER I diagnose and identify the problem. I think that works best.

    Normally when I DO identify it it's user error anyway :|
  14. I've been running Sophos UTM (Unified Threat Management) on my Zotac ZBOX nano for about 2 months now. I've had it inline between my router and my desktop and now I think I'm ready to move it up to the cable modem and put my router into bridge mode. Once there it should provide protection for any device in the house. Tablets, phones, TV, etc. I mostly set this up for its IDS/IPS, web filtering, and malware detection capabilities. Putting this in front of the router should, in theory, prevent malware from even making it into the house. It can also identify and isolate devices already infected with malware. Two features that were a bust were the SSL inspection and country blocking. At first, I tried to block almost every country in the world but it really caused a lot of issues. BF1 in particular, won't work until it contacts servers in about 12 different countries. SSL inspection actually works really well but Chrome has gotten smart and now identifies it as a man-in-the-middle attack. Web filtering works great and I can outright block or just provide a warning to known malware and porn sites. I can even enforce the safe search features on all the major browsers.