Best basic cell phone?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by knowname, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Just bought myself a phone I'm very excited to see, an LG Arena (Wifi version). Sure it's from 2009, sure it's not a smartphone per say (that only means its not on a full blown os like Win7 or Android I think) but it's got everything I want and nothing I don't!! Well I do believe the battery life may be shitty, but...

    Than right after putting my bid in for this phone I find out that LG is releasing it's 3D phone on ATT this month! DAMNIT!! Oh well... waste of money. I just wanted something to hold me over till the iphone 5 comes out anyway.
  2. The best basic cell phone I've ever used was the Motorola Razr.
  3. I still have a Samsung Tocco Lite touch Screen. I still need to upgrade to an Iphone sometime.
  4. Motorola Razr or Samsung D900
  5. LG Cosmos Touch of course.
  6. Ehh, I'd be afraid to get any LG smartphone right now after this LG G2X fiasco on tmobile.

    But why are you worried about choosing a basic phone? It's kind of like asking what's the best cd/dvd burner now. Just get some ballsack cheap att prepaid phone and put your sim card into it. You'll probably only be using it for only a few months if these iphone rumors are true.
  7. nuthin wrong with wantin the best :/

    was lookin for somethin with a decent sized screen for media, easy camera controls, a flash and front facing camera. Sorry nothing else qualifies :|
  8. front facing camera? you're going to have to get a real smartphone rather than basic phone. front facing cameras have only begun being standard recently.
  9. I had one on my Samsung Sync A707 back in 2008 :) but just a good ole vanity mirror seems fine. The LG Arena I bought has all these things and is not a 'smart'-phone.

    HOWEVER reading into it more than I did last night, I do find that LG's software is rather crappy and the proc is slow. Which is ok, my current ATT Tilt 2's proc is also VERY slow :/ I was just looking for something till december, than I'll decide between the iphone 5, 4gs or Android phone (also looking at the HP Veer... it's 'cute'!)
  10. I wasn't saying ffc isn't available per se, you just had to dig deep for something with a ffc if you're looking for a pre 2011 phone. Basically, beggars can't be choosers for something like that.

    In my experience, any cpu 500MHz or less is going to be a turtle. My Palm Pre was 500MHz and I found it pretty slow. I had to overclock it to 1GHz and it was snappy. Which brings me to the HP Veer you mentioned. I can vouch for webos as my palm pre used that too. And the veer uses the newer 800MHz snapdragon which is actually faster than my 1GHz snapdragon in my evo. But webos isn't for you if you're looking for a large app/game community. The market is pretty sad. Stick with the iphone if you're looking for gametime on your phone.
  11. was looking at the impressive shutter speed of the camera mainly lol. My ATT Tilt's shutter took like 8 seconds between photos :\\ things like that titilate me :)
  12. One of the best basic phones I've ever owned was my Nokia 6300.


    I had a Sony-Eriksson piece of shit back in 2007 and it broke. ATT didn't have any nice phones I could afford to replace it with, so I bought an unlocked Nokia 6300 for $100. One of the best phones I've ever owned, no issues, great reception. My favorite part was the battery cover was made of steel, I would take it off sometimes and drop it just to hear the sound.

    I used it up until I got my iPhone 3GS in 2009. Now I am a smartphone/texting whore, I couldn't got back to my Nokia even if I wanted to. But at the time, I only used my phone for calls and the Nokia did its job the best.
  13. This pisses me off... my reason for buying a new dumbfone was so I don't have to pay the smartphone rate!! But NOW it seems att has eliminated all their dumbfone rates, you HAVE to pay the smartphone premium if you want internet!! that really bites.

    Not only that but they eliminated the 200 messages plan, I have to pay 10 bucks for 1000 messages (I only text maybe 50 times a week, receiving and sending).

    How does this grandfathering thing work? You think if I asked them they can put me on a 200 messages plan? I'd prefer 3G without the smartphone premium... but I doubt they'd do that... I get Wifi anyway
  14. hmm.. maybe I didn't see it under my account since I'm currently using a smartphone... well that's good.
  15. Oh yea, whatever phone you have on your account currently, it'll show only the feature/plans available for that type of phone.
  16. My work gave me a Blackberry Bold 9650. I guess thats better than my last one.
  17. so yeah... this LG phone is pissin me off. LG not only is the s/w crap, but their stuff rarely works too :/. This phone has GREAT features, and it's AWESOME the 5 minutes a day in which it works.. Don't wanna give up on the phone, pretty sure I narrowed it down to the proc being too slow and I found an image to overclock it a decent amount. If that don't work (if I can even get the buggy h/w to work right) I'm slippin my sim card into my old smartphone and seeing if ATT will ever notice or even care.
    I AM enjoying saving the 30 bucks a month though :)

    oh I've got a capacitive stylus on its way from amazon too...
  18. Just use a smartphone and get the $15 200MB/month data plan man. Trying to use a dumbphone as a smartphone is more trouble than it should be.
  19. lol probly shoulda done that in the first place WELL IT'S TOO LATE NOW!! (Too stubborn :x) besides I removed my 200 msges smartphone plan so. I'm pretty much gettin used to livin without a cel phone... which isn't too far from what I was doin before only I was paying 40 a month as well :/ god what a waste. I got like 2 calls in the last 2 weeks. my 5 year old nephew (cousin) uses his phone more than me! Give me a dumbfone, laptop/ tablet and desktop and I'm good really.

    I really just wanted a front facing camera (just checked it does indeed work here! I'd upload the pic but... I got NOWHERE in the last half hour of wrestling with this phone. I did upload a pic to facebook once, that was one EXTREMELY lucky move lol), easy camera controls (check), great battery life (was listening to mp3s for 36 hours or so when I first got it! NEVER seen ANYTHING with that kind of battery life!) a 3.5mm jack, screen to watch mp4s without squinting and flash! This thing also has 8 gigs of internal memory PLUS interchangable/ removable battery/ sd and sim card. LG engineered a HELL of a phone... it just doesn't work very well... and if I had much of a life I'd burn it in a dumpster, drop it in a vat of acid... it's THAT bad.