Best Game of This Generation?

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  1. With Nintendo releasing a new console early next year, and Sony and MS most likely following suit in the next couple of years, it would seem this generation is drawing to a close. What in your opinion is the best game of this generation? I'm torn between:

    1. Mass Effect series
    2. Fallout 3
    3. Portal
  2. Hmmm..

    Uncharted Series or Mass Effect Series for me. Cannot think of anything better.
  3. Sony denies a PS4 coming

    Maybe they only focus on the next PSP?
  4. Oblivion, and you know it :)
  5. that's for sure :)
  6. For me, it's probably Demon's Souls. I was amazed at how good that game was. I still play it sometimes.
  7. Oblivion was a nice tech demo. Fallout 3 was good as an actual game.
  8. Fallout 3 was indeed really good, just after Oblivion. The ordering of these two is not easy and for me Oblivion wins slightly.

    Fallout 3 is better than Oblivion:
    - quests are longer, more diverse and mature
    - game mechanics is more advanced
    - leveling of your enemies does not suck balls

    Oblivion is better than Fallout 3:
    - the environment is more colorful (not just gray/brown) with breathtaking views
    - I hate the way DC is done in F3 where you have these "walls of debris" and have to load another segment consisting of yet another two streets and one crossing
    - I barely remember Oblivion hanging my PS3 while Fallout does this with deadly regularity

    Demon's Souls would be at the third place then.
  9. That's my key problem with Oblivion. I HATED the leveling system. It drove me insane to miss a bonus point because I jumped too much or used my shield before I had a chance to sleep. Madding. I really, really hope they make their leveling system less complex this time.
  10. What would be the start and end dates for this PC generation?
  11. The main quest and storyline in Oblivion were garbage. It was generic fantasy RPG crap. Other than the leveling, that was my main problem with it. The world wasn't interesting. There were some decent side quests, like the Dark Brotherhood, but that was pretty much it. Something is wrong when the side quests are more interesting than the main quest. Fallout 3 had an interesting back story, solid main quest, and a world that actually made me want to explore.
  12. Ok, maybe it's just me but having finished dozens of dozens games before, read 1000 books and watched 1000 movies I haven't found the main quest of Fallout 3 much more interesting than the one from Oblivion. It's fine but nothing special.

    Spoilers warning :)

    Oblivion: oh my God, king is dead, let's find his missing son, found but got some items stolen, let's find them, yes we have them, evil attacks us, final battle, the end.

    Fallout 3: where's my dad, he's there, no, there, no again, found him, lost him, final battle, the end.

    I agree though that side quests were in general stronger in F3 however the Dark Brotherhood story from Oblivion is still the one I remember best from all of them.
  13. Oh, was this thread for best PC game of this generation? I was obviously considering all the games when I said Demon's Souls.
  14. I think what bfun meant was if he was to list a pc game in this thread, what would be the limit to consider it this generation. X360 came out in late 2005? I think I was still using my radeon 9700 pro aiw.
  15. Yes that is what bfun meant. Thankyou.
  16. I can't decide. For me its either the Uncharted games or Red Dead Redemption.
  17. I got beef with this. Uncharted might be good but the best this Gen? On what grounds?
  18. Cinema quality story and voice work that is integrated into every ounce of the gameplay as well as cutscenes, brilliant level design, top-tier graphics technology that makes it hard to find a comparable Xbox360 game. The achievement system offers tons of incentive for multiple playthroughs, particularly in the second game were achievements are integrated into gameplay rewards. The second game even took it one step further and made a phenomenal multiplayer mode with both co-op maps and deathmatches that actually are in the same league to top FPS experiences. Most games like CoD are built around the multiplayer and tack on a solo campaign as an afterthought, Uncharted 2 is a focused solo experience with a fantastic multiplayer included.

    I challenge anyone to find a more complete package than Uncharted 2.
  19. Ghostbusters - It was awesome.
  20. Maybe because it does just about everything really, really well?