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    I'm still using a 10 year old Logitech MX518, and I've never really found anything better. They nailed the ergonomics and the default high DPI setting seems perfect. Looking around the internet, it seems like many people still regard the MX518 as the best gaming mouse ever made.

    I had been using a Logitech G502 Proteus Core for awhile, and I ended up hating it and tossing it in a drawer in favor of my old trusty MX518. I kept hitting the thumb button and the DPI adjustment buttons by accident because they are badly placed. I'm not sure why this mouse has such positive reviews. Maybe it's fine if you have small hands. If you have huge hands with long fingers like me, it's an ergonomics disaster. I also can't seem to find a DPI setting I like on this mouse.

    There seems to be a trend with newer mice of having super high dpi settings no human could ever use, looking like something from Transformers with lots of straight lines and flashy leds, and having lots of badly placed buttons that you will hit constantly by accident.

    I guess I prefer older, simpler mice that had more of a focus on ergonomics.

    What mice are you guys using for PC gaming, and why do you like or dislike them?


    G502 Proteus Core
  2. I got the g500 back in 2010 which is a similar design to the mx518. it's perfect and I can't see changing it until it dies a horrible death.

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    Many of the top CSGO players are now using the Zowie EC1-A and EC2-A by BenQ.


    Which look very similar in design to the old MS Intellimouse Explorer, probably my second favorite mouse after the MX518.

    A few of them are still using older Logitechs, but I think newer Logitech mice have just gotten too gimmicky for these people.

    If my 518 dies, I'll probably replace it with a Zowie EC1-A.
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    I gave my MX518 to my wife. I saw her using it the other day and I thought about stealing it back. Anyway you'll laugh at what I'm using now.

    This is my home non-gaming mouse. It's at's always hooked up but I usually forget to use it. I had to rotate my wrist as I was getting the early carpal tunnel pains.


    At work I got me a Kensington Orbit. It's a ball mouse! I've actually only had it for a few days and I really like it.

    And here is my gaming mouse. It looks like the kind of Unicorn turd Monkey hates but I did get it for a reason. I have very large hands and this is a large mouse. You can see the groves on the right and left that actually carry the fingers and thumb so they don't drag. It's really just a cheap generic Chinese mouse that a few different companies make but it's surprisingly good and fits my hand when others don't. I can change DPI on the fly which is nice because not all games are equal.

    I also have/had a 2013 Razer Death Adder that broke after about 1 year. Seems like that's normal for Razer so I wont be buying that brand again.

    I also got me a cheap MMO mouse but then I realized I can't possible use those tiny buttons so I'll be giving it away.
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    I bought a Zowie mouse, which is what 90% of the CSGO pros are now using. Got the EC1-A version, which is the right handed ergonomic version for people with large hands. I doubt it will give me l33t skills, but hopefully it will be comfortable.

    My MX518 finally broke after 10+ years of use. The left click button stopped working. I have been hitting CSGO pretty hard lately, and have nearly all of the achievements. But it took a toll on my mouse. I have tried the G502 (sitting in a drawer), G602 (returned), and MX Master (returned), and came away hating all of them. Logitech just doesn't make mice any longer for people with very large hands like mine (glove size XXL, 22cm length). They also seem to be going after the gimmick gamer crowd with RGB lighting and mice that look like stealth fighters rather than focusing on ergonomics. Also am not a fan of how cumbersome their gaming keyboard and mouse software has gotten. The Zowie has no software. DPI adjustment is just handled by a toggle switch on the mouse.
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    The Zowie feels like the MX518 and Intellimouse Explorer had a baby. I really like it so far and can see why it's so popular with CSGO pros. I like that it doesn't have drivers. It feels very sturdy and well made. The sensor feels really smooth and accurate. Key switches are a bit on the heavy side with a loud satisfying click. It's also really big. It's a bit bigger than the 518 or Intellimouse. Fits really well in my hand. People with smaller hands will want to look at the other versions of the Zowie. They even have an ambidextrous one for left handed people.

    Overall 9/10. It's great but I think it's a tad overpriced.
  7. The more I use the Zowie EC1-A, the more I like it. I think this might be the best FPS mouse I've ever used. The sensor seems every bit as good as the one in the G502. The ergonomics are great. Great shape, Great button layout. Really satisfying button switches. I like that it's big. It's really comfortable to use for long stretches of gaming. I'd bump my rating up to a 9.5/10. It's a worthy successor to the MX518. I get now why this mouse is the choice for like 3/4 CSGO pros.
  8. I can't tell if this is a troll thread or Amazon has incredibly shitty photos... this is the most somber gaming mouse I've ever seen. You should buy this one:

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    Does it transform into something other than a mouse? Is it a Decepticon or Autobot?

    Totally not a troll thread. The Zowie doesn't really look like anything. It's all about ergonomics and having a good sensor, not flashy looks.

    Here is a list of what CSGO pros are using. Scroll to the right to see mouse models. BenQ Zowie mice are by far the most popular. The pros don't want flashy lights or gimmicks. Just something that works.

  10. LOL

    My 1280x1024 is not too shabby compared to the pros... why the fuck are people playing at 800x600? But yeah, Zowie seems to be the mouse of choice.
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    Some of the pros are older guys who still believe in playing on the lowest possible settings. 10 years or more ago, I would have agreed that was a good idea when playing in a professional setting.

    Modern video cards can run the game maxed out at hundreds of frames per second though. So the idea that turning everything down is going to make a difference is very out of date. CS is almost two decades old, and some of the pros are getting older, and are just resistant to change I guess.
  12. I'm in the hunt for a new mouse. My Utechsmart is super comfortable but the thumb buttons are spongy ass. Here are two new ones I'm considering. The Naos 7000 is rated really high for comfort and performance and has a grip similar to my current mouse. The RAT8 has a large pinkie platform and is super adjustable but cost twice as much.

    Mionix Naos 7000

    Mad Catz R.A.T.8
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    Get a BenQ Zowie EC1-A. Best gaming mouse of all time. It's better than the MX518 or Intellimouse. After using it for awhile I would bump my rating to a 10/10. Perfect ergonomics and the sensor is great. All of the top CSGO players are using Zowie mice for good reason. Don't think about it. Just buy it.

    Also after using it for awhile I do not think it is overpriced. It's worth every penny of that $60 because no one else is currently making a mouse this good. I have come to this conclusion after trying and returning every mouse Logitech currently makes and several Steelseries mice. Modern mice are mostly complete shit designed by Chinese engineers who have never played video games in their lives. Why is the Zowie so good? Because it was designed from the ground up based on lots of feedback from top CSGO players.

    If you have small hands, get the EC2-A. Don't buy anything else. All other mice on the market right now suck dick and are for fags. Seriously, I lost count of the number of terrible mice I bought and returned before finding the EC1-A. And the MX518 and Intellimouse while good at one time are too old and their sensors don't really keep pace in modern games. Also ebay is flooded with counterfeit MX518s. Yes counterfeit mice are a real thing.

    I'm probably going to buy another EC1-A or two to keep as spares because modern mice are so bad and it's so good and I'm worried BenQ will stop producing it.
  14. lol I was looking for this thread on Friday... I was ready to impluse buy a mouse and mic for competitive play. Can't decide if I should jump further down the rabbit hole or take another CS sabbatical.
  15. I ordered a Mionix Naos 7000. I considered the Zowie but I'm pretty sure that wasn't going to work for me in the long run. I pulled out my G500 and I can't hold that one anymore. I need a wider mouse. I found that the Mionix and Zowie are compared pretty heavily in the FPS community with some favoring one or the other.
  16. Welp time for another mouse just because I feel like it.

    In the running...

    Logitech G403 wired/wireless $50/$72

    Historically speaking my most favorite mice have been from Logitech. I trust the company and their products don't die. The wireless version is supposed one of the best wireless gaming mice you can get. I usually prefer cords but maybe it's time to go wireless again.

    SteelSeries Rival 600 $80

    A lot of people are loving this new mouse. I'm not familiar with the brand but it's worth a shot. I'm worried I wont like the side buttons.

    Zowie EC1-A/EC1-B $60/$70

    The famous Zowie. I can tell by looking at it that I will love the side buttons and that's important to me. Some say the B is better because it has a better sensor but other say the buttons on the B suck because they are mushy compared to the A. The lack of customized DPI setting is a negative for me.

    Here is Rocket Jump Ninja's review of the Rival 600. In short he uses a Zowie FK1 which is best for him but has the Rival 600 and G403 at the #1 and #2 spot on his top 40 list. The FK1 is at #4 and the EC-B is at #5.
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    Get a Zowie brah. You've tried the rest, now buy the best.
  18. I'm very tempted to get the Zowie. It seems like the undisputed champ for body comfort but the buttons and scroll wheel are usually mentioned as it's weak points. I'm also not a fan of the glowing scroll wheel on the EC-A. The EC-B ditches that and gets the newest sensor but there are a lot of complains about the quality. Apparently some are emitting a high pitched whine.
  19. The buttons and scroll wheels are fine on both of the EC1-As that I own.
  20. My Logitech G5 might be at the end of its life. I'm shopping for replacements. Is all this Zowie hype real?