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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by bfun, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. I'm considering seeing Interstellar tonight at an IMAX theater. I didn't realize there was Digital IMAX and 70mm IMAX. There are about 7 digital IMAX theaters around here but only 1 real 70mm IMAX. It's 2 hours round trip to the theater ($15 gas) and admission is about $40 for 2 people.

    Is it worth it? One of the smaller digital IMAX theaters is only 120 minutes round trip and maybe $32 for 2 people. The local regular theater is 5 minutes away and about $20.
  2. I wouldn't spend 2 hours driving to watch a 2 hour movie. Holy shit that seems kinda ridiculous.

    IMAX is a marketing buzzword anyway, when it comes to non-IMAX documentaries. A Hollywood movie is usually a superimposed jumbo print.

    FYI, digital IMAX is the jumbo print. IMAX70mm is the real deal, but ONLY if it was shot on 70mm and the theater has an authentic projector. There are only like 50 of these in the country, and usually attached to Universities/Science centers. Very rare at for-profit exhibitors.
  3. If there's a film worth finding a 70mm IMAX for, it's interstellar.
  4. Apparently, there are 88 IMAX theaters. But none in Colorado. But if you're crazy enough to drive 2 hours to watch a movie you could grab a discount flight to CA, they have a lot.
  5. digital imax is like the worst thing ever for your money. I watched watchmen on it and felt insulted that it even had the imax name to it. It really isn't much different than a standard theater experience. the following year, i watched inception in the real imax theater in orlando and holy cow, that was real.
  6. To complicate things some of the IMAX theaters that have the giant screens are converting to digital IMAX projectors. So even the screen size doesn't guarantee 70mm. I might call the theater and ask what they really have.
  7. United Artists - Fake
    AMC - 50/50
    Science/Technology Center - 100% real

    Have you been before, because you really can't mistake it once you see it.... It's going to have the vertigo inducing seating, rows tower upwards like a steep cliff. When it's shut off you also see the equipment and lighting behind the screen illuminating all the panels from the ground to the roof.

    If the screen is solid white matte against a wall you're getting a 35mm -> 70mm blow up print.
  8. The science museum near me has legit 70mm. It's unmistakable when you see it. I saw The Dark Knight (which only had a few 70mm scenes) and Avatar there.
  9. I've been to two different IMAX theaters in museums. The local science museum has one but they only show movies about volcanoes and penguins having sex.
  10. The Science Museum London IMAX is showing interstellar, have you checked the listings for your one? They also show your favoured porn it seems too..
  11. I decided to go tomorrow. I have to go halfway there anyway to help my Mom move a washer and dryer.