Bill O'Reilly exaggerated war coverage

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    Lots of spin in the No Spin Zone. Fox News doubles down to defend their most moderate, least fringe TV personality!
  2. Bill O'Reilly is full of shit and an asshole? News to me.
  3. He's obviously doing the same thing as Williams, but the press doesn't want to cover it the same way as Williams. Williams was a convenient scapegoat that allowed news outlets to pretend that the media puts a high priority on facts and true statements. Having a second major news figure scapegoated so soon afterwards would just make the media look like my guess is they're going to pass on O'Reilly.
  4. The two aren't similar. Williams is a news anchor and his viewers expect him to be truthful, neutral, and factual on all things he reports. O'Reily is a commentator on a controversial political entertainment show. He opinions are biased and his "facts" tend to work toward his bias. I doubt his viewers care how honest he is as long as they get what they want out of his show.
  5. Except that Williams didn't make those comments in his job as a news anchor. He made them as a guest on TV talk shows. I don't think you can really make much of a case that TV talk shows are less entertainment oriented than any of the circumstances that O'Reilly was in when he was embellishing on the truth.

    And consider the fact that even though Williams fibbed about his own helicopter being hit by RPG fire, he was flying in a formation of helicopters that was hit by RPG fire. O'Reilly said that he was reporting in a war zone in the Falklands when he was actually not in a war zone in Buenos Aires...1400 miles away from the Falkland Islands.
  6. The talking points memo about refuting the smear against him was all fluff. Attacks on the sources, talks about a gold star his boss gave him, and of course blame the liberal media. But he totally forgetting to address the actual statements he's made previously.

    His old coworkers disagree, he'll probably attack them on Monday night.

  7. Yeah, there doesn't seem to be much evidence supporting some of his other having to save his bleeding cameraman during the riots, or coming under gun fire. Apparently the "riots" consisted of people yelling things and throwing coins, and the Argentinian riot police may have fired rubber bullets at some point during the day, but not necessarily where O'Reilly was. He actually got kicked out of the country by his own boss at CBS too.
  8. Bill is getting hit with all kinds of fabrications now... a mass nun execution, and JFK conspiracy related suicide. More to come on the no spin zone.
  9. His explanation for the nun executions is pretty lame even for Bill O'Reilly: "They showed us a depiction of violence against Nuns in El Salvador".