Black Friday 2014

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  1. I'll post anything interesting I find.

    Walmart Black Friday Deals For Gamers:

    Xbox One Halo TMCC Bundle at $329 With $50 GC, PS4 Bundle at $399 with $50 GC,
    Xbox One Halo The Master Chief Collection Bundle (Includes Halo Guardians Beta, 4 Classic Halo Games, and digital series Halo: Nightfall) at $329 with $30 Walmart Gift Card
    Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle at $329
    Playstation 4 Bundle With GTA V + The Last of Us Remastered at $399 With $50 Walmart Gift Card
    Xbox 360 4GB with Controller at $99
    Nintendo 3DS XL with Super Mario Bros. 2 Gold Edition at $149.96

    Walmart.Com Specials

    Xbox One Halo The Master Chief Collection Bundle at $379 (With Bonus Choice of Game and 12-month Xbox Live Card — price exclusive)
    Playstation 4 Bundle With GTA V + The Last of Us Remastered at $449 (With Bonus Choice of 2 Games — exclusive)
  2. Sams Club - Nov 15th Only

    iPad Air (1) Wi-Fi 16GB - Silver or Space Gray $295
  3. 16GB? What's the point I couldn't even keep my music on that thing.
  4. Who keeps music on their phone anymore? That's so 2013. Look to the cloud!
  5. I still use my 8 year old 30GB iPod, phone batteries don't last long enough as it is without stressing them out by actually playing music back on them.
  6. the nexus 5 has the lower power music playback. i think it should be standard in most devices using the snapdragon socs nowadays. it's actually an android feature that pairs with the hardware.
  7. It's $100 off each model, 64GB for $199...

    There seems to be a serious lack of PC/hdd deals this year.
  8. 10% any of these SSDs with code EMCWWWG35

    Not sure if these are deals or not. The 1TB Cricial would be $396 which seems good if you need that much. Mushkin 240GB for $100.
  9. This year was a dud, in my opinion. Not one standout deal to be had, in fact I saw better deals leading up to Black Friday. I do enjoy swinging by stores late Friday & Saturday to look at the aftermath, but event that was subdued this year. Nearly everything was still pretty well stocked and available. BestBuy and Target didn't look like a war zone they should have.

    Either people are catching on to this scam of a sale, or extending 'Black Friday' to include the entire month of November probably cannibalized sales. Likely, both.
  10. I saw a few good ones over here on PS4 and XBOX One but not much else, I didn't buy anything.

    Most of the stuff was cheap shit made even cheaper, the carnage some TVs by makers you never heard of caused was all over the news.
  11. I was worried Black Friday wouldn't be the same in Britain, but people beating and trampling each other like zoo animals over a $99 Sorny or Magnetbox TV sounds about right. Over here it's basically a yearly bread and circuses kind of thing that I think serves to keep all of the poor, disgruntled people from murdering the one percenters for another year by placating them with cheap shit.
  12. I'm truly sickened by the fact that because advertisers are for some fucking reason forcing Black Friday upon us our retard shoppers are acting just like yours now. Why should black friday even be mentioned in the UK? What does it have to do with us? It's an American holiday.

    I'm calling it now, by 2020 we'll have Independence Day sales thrust upon us.
  13. it's not a holiday at all. it's just the name of the day. thanksgiving is a holiday.

    as a matter of fact, the name black friday is pretty much outdated now as almost all retailers moved their starting times to Thursday evening (ON thanksgiving day).
  14. Black Friday is definitely outdated. More and more people opt for the deals online rather than in stores, and the stores run more sales on a regular basis so that Black Friday doesn't seem as special in terms of the prices. They'll have a select group of junk that's practically free, and then the rest of it has sale prices that are basically the same as what they offer at various times throughout the year.
  15. The only thing we bought on Black Friday was a cordless Dyson DC59 vacuum cleaner. Everyone had it for $350 for Black Friday. With the 20% off coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond it came to $280. It's normally around $500.
  16. The only deal I missed was Madden 15. It was $30 on BF and now it's $40 to $50. My nephew wants it for Christmas.
  17. remember the day after Christmas is another big sale day especially for video games. if he's not impatient, you can get it for him at that price. most stores open early that day too.
  18. We call the day after Christmas boxing day over here.

    We have after Christmas sales too but traditionally the January sales are the big thing here. I intend to look for a new TV for the bedroom in January.