Black Friday 2016

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  1. PS4 deal is pretty slick. Can come back for a 2nd controller and pants when the Kohls cash activates!

  2. If you scour around, deals are happening all the time that are as good as black friday deals. This is assuming that you know of things about retail stores that aren't your old fashion straight up deals.

    For example, Target. Target is currently a very trendy technology store. They have an app called Cartwheel. It's basically their version of digital coupons. Tons and I mean tons of deals are in that thing every week and even every day. They've ran 10-15% off the xbox one ps4 multiple times this year. I bring this up because they have the ps4 on there now for 15% off until the end of the week.

    They also have a kids wish list app that has a 10% off coupon in it that is applicable for all video game systems, games, and accessories. Also, currently this week, they are running buy 2 get 1 free all video games. Shop at target alot? Get their debit/credit redcard and save an extra 5% all of the time without discount stacking restrictions.

    So as you can see, you can make out like a bandit here without having to deal with black friday zombies.
  3. @bfun

    Best buy has these 2 ePaper "smart watches" on sale Black Friday. I'm thinking about dabbling with one or both... I'm hoping dropping the color display on my current Pebble will improve battery life. The color screens on the Pebble Time doesn't really provide much utilitarian value.

    The Huawei Fit is the only 7 day battery iOS notification compatible round style watch I've found. But I suspect it won't get the app support or updates the Pebble does.

  4. I'll probably need a white band.