Blade Runner 2049

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  1. Not a reboot. A sequel.

  2. I watched Bladerunner for the first time a few weeks ago. I did not see what the fuss was as it was actually quite boring.
  3. Yup. It was boring.
  4. Supposedly there is a Bladerunner sequel coming too. It's over on IGN.
  5. How can anyone not like Blade Runner? The visual style alone was unique and massively influential, and almost every sci-fi film that has come out since has copied it in some way. I guess you guys just have shitty taste in films and should probably stick to Transformers.
  6. Maybe because it was boring, or I do not remember it with rose tinted glasses like you do. Ford's acting was bad as well. The only bit I liked was the end bit with the blonde dude chasing him through the building and to the roof.
  7. I'm sorry it didn't have non-stop explosions and danger music. Taken 3 by comparison looks like a great film, what with its 10% on RottenTomatoes.
  8. The first release of Blade Runner was a complete flop. Audiences didn't like it and critics were confused by it and the general consensus was that it was dull. Siskel & Ebert initial review said Blade Runner was a "waste of time". It took 10 years and an altered version release for it to change people minds and become a classic. However I still say it's boring. I can't even remember if I watched the original Harrison Ford voice-over or not.
  9. Ebert also hated Star Wars and Fight Club. He later went back and changed his review of Star Wars. He's been wrong before.
  10. Fight Club sucked.
  11. It's #10 on the IMDB top 250 based on 1.1M reviews. You are pretty much alone in that opinion. Next you'll be saying The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, and Shawshank Redemption are overrated.
  12. Nope. Those are all good.
  13. What's not to like about Fight Club? It has some plot holes, but it's still one of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen. Also I think the anti-capitalist, anti-consumer message of the film resonates more with people now after the Great Recession than it did when the film was released. Movies usually become less relevant with time, but Fight Club actually seemed ahead of its time in that sense.
  14. I don't know. Maybe it was alright. I was at some crappy party with loud people when I watched it. I didn't know what was happening half the time.
  15. It's not really a movie you can come in and out of. Watch it again. It seems like you missed out on one of the best films of the 90s that's right up there with T2, Total Recall, and the original Matrix.
  16. This post made me LOL harder than it should have.

    Cmdmonkey likes the big lebowski. His opinion is invalid. Although Fight Club is still good.
  17. The Big Lebowski is hilarious. I'm sorry that you don't have a sense of humor.
  18. i'm also one who didn't enjoy blade runner and i'm a huge sci fi fan. i imagine it mostly had to do with me watching really late in its life and just trying it due to hype. set expectations a bit high and it just didn't do it for me.