Boba Tea

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    How do you like your boba tea?

    I prefer the Thai Tea flavor.
  2. I've never had it before. What's it like?

    I do like regular Thai tea, so I would think I would like this boba stuff too.
  3. my avatar didn't have anything to do with you making this thread, did it?

    i like regular hong kong milk tea with boba. thai tea and almond milk tea is on my good list too. for slushee style, i normally get taro, avocado coconut, taro coconut.. but i dont get boba with that.

    i don't think many people know what this is or had it before to offer you a reply ;) unless they have a large asian community where they live, or even actually shop in their asian community.
  4. cmdr, i think the only thing that puts people off is the texture. you may not have a problem with it though. the boba (sometimes also called bubble or pearl) is a sweet gelatinous ball.
  5. That actually sounds like it could be good if the drink is served really cold.
  6. It's a tasty tea flavored with milk or fruit and filled with giant tapioca balls. A large straw is used to propel the tapioca balls at near sonic speeds down your wind pipe which can result in choking and death. It's popularity has declined over the years but you can still find a few places that make it. Many times it's made by a machine that seals the drink in a cup with a thin plastic lid. The straw is used to break through the lid.
  7. Yup. It makes me want one.
  8. wtf, you should delete everyone's entry on wikipedia and insert your's.

    in orlando, there's a large vietnamese and chinese community so they opened up lollicup chains there. i never had to go more than a mile to get one of these. now that i live in raleigh, i have to drive like 15 miles to get a decent milk tea. it kills me.
  9. There is a Korean/Japanese place near me that gives them away with every entrée. I get my boba on every time I order a teriyaki chicken bowl.

    I went to Raleigh about a year ago. I remember lots of traffic and nothing good to eat.
  10. holy crap. that's a really good deal. the stuff is typically worth well over $3

    i've been told raleigh has gotten better throughout the years since the population has boomed in the last few years. bad part is the traffic is now 2x worse than when you visited. but places actually open later now.. my mom told me you'd be lucky to find any places open on sundays back in the day (wtf?). downtown raleigh is pretty pathetic still.. but they are building stuff.

    restaurant selection is decent compared to orlando, mostly good due to price though.
  11. You bastards, bubble tea, (yes, you heard, that's what we call it round here) is impossible to get in England so I've tried making my own. Wasn't too bad but I couldnt find the exact milk tea mix.
  12. I think I am the exception to the rule, I am the Englishman who doesn't drink tea. Still we always have tons of the stuff in the house as the Mrs loves it and in all different flavours too.

    Best to keep this idea away from her me thinks.....

    Don't get me wrong I can drink it and might have it once a month, but I don't get the appeal of drinking it pretty much exclusively like a lot of my family do. If I go round my parents the kettle seems to be constantly boiling all year round.
  13. Bubble tea isn't really tea. It's mostly made from milk tea powder mixes. It's a decent sweet cold drink with the added bonus of balls to chew on.
  14. What. The. Flip?
  15. Balls. Chewy balls. In your tea.
  16. Do you like having balls in your mouth? Are you trying to tell us something?
  17. They're pretty tasty as balls go. Bit sticky too.
  18. Can I have a CHY TEE.
    "Wit or witout boba?"
    What the fuck is boba
    "Little tapioca"
    What the fuck is 'little tapioca'
    What the fuck is this I don't even
    Control your people khaid
  19. You still live in cali? It's absurd that you don't know what that is. Especially considering I first learned about it when I visited cali in 2000.
  20. That was roughly my conversation with the waiter the first time I learned about boba back in 2006. I miss that tea...

    I'm up in Oregon now, btw. There are trees here.