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  1. I just happened upon this video for a game I've only just heard about. Doesn't look very good to me but some of you guys might be interested.

    No ADS? What is this, the 20th century?
  2. Attention Deficit Syndrome?
  3. Aim Down Sights. I hate it when you can't ADS for some reason.
  4. American Driving Society?
  5. Asperger Dog Syndrome?
  6. Astrophysics Data System?
  7. Advanced Drainage System?
  8. American Dialect Society?
  9. Arseholes Digressing Stupidly.
  10. Armadeadn’s Dumb Shooter
  11. Armadeadn Decries Sarcasm.
  12. Seriously. He thinks Uncharted and Mass Effect are crap, and then he posts this bargain bin tripe like it's supposed to be good.
  13. this game was shown at e3 2010, I remember the floating symbols you grab. I thought it sounded fun. but so did the 3ds at the time...
  14. I'll redirect you to my original post since you've clearly misread it.

    I never suggested it was good.
  15. Freddiews new video was inspired by Codematers new game.

    And the behind the scenes:

  16. I've heard that Codemasters are shutting down the studio that was working on Bodycount, 70 people losing their jobs.

    Bad times.
  17. So the most generic shooter ever made will never see the light of day? Bummer.
  18. Bodycount has been cancelled? I'm devastated. The one game I was looking forward to has been shit-canned thanks to the global economic downturn. Fucking bankers have ruined everything, the shits.
  19. I guess we'll never find out what ADS stands for.
  20. Toe finger!