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  1. SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion

    Looks like SPECTRE is back in the Bond universe, the studio bought back the rights last year. I wonder if they are dumping Quantum as the uber-bad guy. Not sure if this is good or bad, that era was always the far fetched stuff Austin Powers made fun of. Wonder if Blofeld will be back as well, they've cast the perfect guy to play him.

    New Casting:
    Christoph Waltz - Hannes Oberhauser (Blofeld?)
    Andrew Scott - Denbigh
    Monica Bellucci - Lucia Sciarra
    Léa Seydoux - Madeleine Swann

  2. I feel like Bond movies are supposed to be over the top with ridiculous super villains. This actually looks like a step in the right direction. They need to stop trying to turn Bond into Bourne and embrace what made the old movies so great. Hot women, gadgets, ridiculous villains, and sarcastic one liners are what I pay to see in my Bond films, and we haven't gotten that since Pierce Brosnan. nuBond with the underwear model doing Blue Steel all the time sucks donkey dong.

    This is what Daniel Craig looks like

  3. Sony Hack details:

  4. I'd hate to be Sony's IT guys right now.
  5. I still haven't even seen the last one but I believe it is on over Christmas so I may give it a go.
  6. I hope they can find extras that know how to sweep.

  7. That advert makes Spectre look like the name of a new department store for men.
  8. It does kind of have that vibe.

  9. That's it? Who's the mystery man of Spectre? Zzzzzzz.
  10. Good casting. Christoph Waltz will make an excellent Bond villain. I actually can't think of any actor right now who would be better.

    Too bad we still have to deal with charisma vacuum underwear model Bond posing through the whole movie. Daniel Craig is a real life Derek Zoolander. He's even Blue Steeling and Le Tigring through the preview. Craig isn't tough, he isn't suave, he's not charismatic, he isn't funny. He just looks like a gay underwear model. I do not understand the appeal of him as Bond. Clive Owen who was also considered would have been absolutely perfect.

  11. ^ I lol'd so hard at that post!

    In fairness, the DC version of James Bond is supposed to be modern reboot. They were going for a gritty, pseudo-realistic portrayal of, essentially, a cold blooded sociopath. It's supposedly closer to the literary 007, which if true, makes him a good fit... Clive Owen is old school-ish.

    That postic
    From what I understand, most of the above isn't James Bond. Its become associated with the character because of this guy:

  12. How can it be considered closer to the literary version when they're not based on the books by Ian Fleming?
  13. It's the characterization of James Bond that has to closely follow Ian Flemings, not the setting/story.

    But, I have no direct knowledge about the accuracy of those claims... I just happened to spectate a Sean Connery vs. Daniel Craig 'debate' this past weekend.

  14. Connery > Brosnan > Moore > Craig > Dalton > James Bond Jnr > Lazenby
  15. Yeah I would have ranked them the exact same way. Brosnan and Connery were great. Moore was funny but not really convincing in an action role and a little too cheesy. Craig, Dalton, and Lazenby sucked.
  16. Craig is better than Brosnan.