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  1. Hello again, old friends. From chaos, have you all awoken?

    On the other side. Turn around. Yes, over here. Welcome to the magic. You've grown psychic horns!

    I've come to show you around. Don't be afraid, we've got psychic tanks.

    LSD is now teaching us techno tribalism and that Hitler was right about a lot of things. We came close in the '60s but Marxist propaganda misguided the movement and actually got LSD banned if you think about it. Prepare for a massive consciousness shift. Don't miss out. Finally the magic is catching up.
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    Booda apparently created a forum so that he can talk to himself. I'd say he's completely lost it, but he was never very with it to begin with.
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    What the fuck is that forum actually about?
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    Booda talking to himself about religion, LSD, and Nazis. He thinks Hitler had it right apparently. And if we all take LSD we'll also see that Hitler had it right.

    He created alternate identities so that he can have conversations with himself. Because no sane person would register for that forum.

    The ass clown even has some SS guide for breeding perfect Aryan children in his books section.
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    What a prick lol.
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    I think he was dropped on his head.
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    Is this true? If so how do you know?
  8. These all sound like Booda to me. Who the fuck else talks like this?

  9. To be fair these are the word of someone who's erring on the odd side of normality. That or tripping on LSD, both are realistic conclusions.

    Hahaha! I just saw old Nicholson paid that forum a visit in his usual trademark style, and unbelievably his post had less shit in it than the other posts lol.
  10. Which is impressive considering Nicholson posted Locker Room Stink, which has got to be one of the foulest scat stories ever written. It's like a real life version of Scrotie McBoogerBalls.
  11. Yar you're right.
  12. Booda's Shitty Little Nazi Forum

    Lol. True haha.
  13. Well normally you guys just avoid the scat threads, but everyone seemed to have a meltdown over that one. I think it's because Locker Room Stink is actually very well written while being extremely disgusting and despicable.
  14. I never read any of them. I just skimmed and got the gist of it. Talking about eating shit was all i needed to know.
  15. Talking in the third person is bad for your health.
  16. The Rock would disagree with your candy ass!
  17. monkey, you're a very small man. Your posts really hurt my heart, as usual with people like you on forums. You hate honesty and the color and sound of true human impulses and expressions. In a world of dull zombies whose thoughts aren't even their own, people like me stand out. Most people respect and appreciate it, but others like you are just intimidated. I never personally insulted you whatsoever but you shit on and insult me and my poetry. Even if you don't like it, personal insults aren't necessary.

    You're blind and don't even realize who you are is partly because of me. In a way I created you. But I am not sorry for this creation; instead I will continue to be who I am despite insults from demonically possessed individuals like you and hope you once again adopt a piece of my soul and be more understanding.
  18. Stop trying to blacken the sound of his soul with your insulting lies. I'm feeling a deep pain within my heart that can only be expressed by poetry about hate crime sacrifices to vengeful gods and creatures of superstitious folklore.
  19. i haz lost fayth in humanity so i'z doing magik and bileeving in godz and nazis are grayt! yay!
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    I think he's just angry no one registered for that forum other than Professor Nicholson.