Borderlands GOTY Edition $7.50 @ Steam

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  1. You can get the full DLC pack for $7.50 but why not get GOTY edition that has the whole game plus all DLC for the same price? Deal is valid until April 14th 10:00AM PST.

    Sorry console dudes. :(

    Short summary for people who haven't played it before. FPS with RPG elements (quests, experience). The loot is randomized in attributes so it keeps the game pretty fresh.

    You can have up to 4 players in online coop. The person who hosts is the person who has priority in quest completion. The world has random arenas in some areas where you can pvp between the 4 of you.
  2. I got real tired of shooting Skags. Never got any father than the 3 nut guy.
  3. The game takes a whole turn later on if you keep up with it. Similar to Half-Life after you port out of Black Mesa.

    I can definitely see how this game can get kinda old quick at the beginning though. I played this game mostly with my roommate so it was fun. Sometimes we had a 3rd friend hop on too. It's a blast in co-op.
  4. What kind of turn? More skags? I hate skags. Don't tell me it's more skags.
  5. Nah, dudes in armored suits. There's different classes of them too. This is where you have to switch up your strategy cuz regular bullets don't really harm them and you have to rely on your elemental weapons. And further on you'll meet some paranormal enemies.
  6. Borderlands is an awesome game; I started to really get into it just after the first boss guy you mention. I've completed quite a few times with various folks; me, grim and chi went through it all and it was great fun.

    What class did you pick, bfun?
  7. Yeah, what were the designer's thinking? It's actually quite a good game minus the repetitiveness of the maps and enemies. I got to the 'Legend of Moe and Marly' side mission as a leveling prep for the main battle with Sledge and haven't played it since. Really annoying.
  8. Bahaha, there was even a skag valley if I remember correctly, and that legend of moe and marly was straight up skags.. I think the designers got a bit too skag happy. i remember some of the survival arena quests were constant rounds of skags too.
  9. I played a sniper which was fun but the skag re-spawn was a pain. Damm things would follow me forever too.
  10. You had to mention that! It's a shame, because I actually really enjoyed alot of the non-Skag missions, like the Safe House shootout. That was intense, but fun...unlike Moe/Marly. I actually only played that level once, had the proper strategy in mind (annoy Skags, run to the human outpost, jump on roof, blast Skags endlessly) but failed to execute properly. I even later looked up the cheat for that level and still can't motivate myself to slog through it.
  11. I found the sniper to be the dullest class to play; brick isn't great but the other two were good fun.

    The skags and repetition didn't bother me; I never needed to grind and it didn't seem worse for repetitiveness than a lot of FPS games.
  12. You shouldn't need to struggle through missions; if a mission is too tough then there's probably an easier mission you could be doing.
  13. The struggle wasn't the difficulty. The struggle was just the sheer repetitiveness of the strategy vs. Skags in single player. It just became tedious. It's probably not as bad in multiplayer.
  14. So is this worth getting or not? Sounds really repetitive.
  15. definitely worth it if you play with friends
  16. If any other PVCers decide to pick it up I will too. I borrowed the 360 version and it was heaps of fun when I was playing with my mates. But I'd get the PC version now since it's so cheap and my computers much better than my 360.
  17. I never needed to do that strategy; occasionally I'd need to get to cover in various battles against various enemies as you might expect. I completed it in single player first and didn't struggle - seemed fairly pedestrian, difficulty wise. Like many RPGs, some areas have tougher enemies than others so maybe you need to do a few other missions elsewhere before going to that place.

    As for repetitiveness, it really didn't bother me. The battles were hectic and later on there was a fair whack of strategy involved. I think if the levelling and improving your character and weapons element doesn't appeal then I wouldn't recommend it.
  18. I considered getting borderlands when my 360 was working but it didn't seem awesome enough. Now it's so cheap on steam I might pop my steam cherry and get it, would that be wise considering my windows index score thing?

    Would my laptop be able to run it at a good enough standard to warrant buying it?
  19. Unreal 3 games aren't demaning in the slightest so you should at least get stable frame-rates on low settings.
  20. These are the system requirements:

    OS: Windows XP/Vista
    Processor: 2.4 Ghz or equivalent processor with SSE2 support
    Memory: 1GB System RAM (2GB recommended with Vista)
    Graphics: 256mb video ram or better (GeForce 7 series or higher/Radeon HD3000 series or higher)
    Hard Drive: 8 GB or more free space
    Sound: Windows compatible sound card

    I have no idea if my system meets these requirements, this is what I hate about PC gaming.

    OS: Windows XP/Vista (using Windows 7 so I guess it's ok)
    Processor: 2.4 Ghz or equivalent processor with SSE2 support (fuck knows)
    Memory: 1GB System RAM (2GB recommended with Vista) (fuck knows)
    Graphics: 256mb video ram or better (GeForce 7 series or higher/Radeon HD3000 series or higher) (fuck knows)
    Hard Drive: 8 GB or more free space (plenty of hard drive space)
    Sound: Windows compatible sound card (i must have)

    Also this user review does not bode well:

    One more thing. Does steam not have any Carmageddon games? I was assuming steam had pretty much all the games you could want to download.