Boston Marathon hit by explosions

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  1. Oh dear.

  2. Looks like a terrorist attack.

  3. I just had the worst case of stomach butterflies a few minutes ago. I just saw this bit of news earlier, and earlier in the day, I was im'ing my friend who lives in boston. She played hooky from work today to go to this thing. Last message in our IM was "We're heading to the finish line" and then a picture of it.

    I called her asap and first call didn't go through. Second call went through. She said she just left not too long ago.

    omggggggggggggggggg, i think i have an ulcer now.
  4. Damn that was lucky then.

    What else could it be? Getting fed up with these pricks now.
  5. A gas line explosion. But considering it happened at one of the city's biggest yearly events, and at a time and place where there would definitely be a huge crowd of people, it's really unlikely this is anything but a terrorist attack.

  6. Plus I don't see a hole in the ground from the gas cables so it must be a terrorist.

    Madness once again.

    video of second explosion
  8. @khaid: similar thing happened to me when we had the London bombings. My then boss - who's more of a friend really - was travelling on the underground at the time. We couldn't get hold of her for hours, as the networks were screwed. She missed being on the tube by 30 minutes, so that was lucky indeed.
  9. Re: Re: Boston Marathon hit by explosions

    Did they turn the networks off to give emergency services full use or am I imagining it?

    My dad works in town so everyone was frantically trying to get hold of him when it happened too.

    With the amount of nutters stabbing and shooting everyone in the US at the minute this could just be another nutter who worked out how to make a bomb.

    Edit: Sky news are now reported a third blast at JFK library so terrorism probably more likely. 2 dead according to Sky.
  10. Yeah, think the networks were used by the emergency services - what was left just couldn't cope.

    Lots of speculation at the minute; not clear whether its domestic or foreign terrorism. Think JFK one was a controlled explosion.
  11. Just throwing this out there, but North Korea is a possibility. It's Kim's birthday today, and they've been ramping up their threats to insane levels lately.

    Some possibilities:
    1. Muslim terrorists
    2. North Koreans
    3. Domestic terrorists, today is also Tax Day, a day reviled by conservatives
    4. Some nutjob who decided to use bombs for his mass killing instead of a gun
  12. If the culprit(s) is Muslim and/or non-white, there will be demands to launch another full scale trillion dollar war to defend us from an elaborate plan to destroy America. If the culprit(s) are white US citizens, it will be considered an isolated incident carried out by a madman and not be referred to as a terrorist act.
  13. If it was Muslim terrorists or North Koreans I am sure they will be keen to advertise it.
  14. @AKS: That sounds plausible, sadly.
  15. It's being reported that a saudi national is in custody as a suspect currently.

    This is a higher resolution video with sound shot earlier today. The guy was next to first inital explosion and caught the cloud of the second explosion in the back. He recorded the aftermath too.,AAAAAA6piHY~,DqRT40XOAr9OWST-YiEQyzUCo3g3L-Af&bctid=2303076923001
  16. Apparently the Boston police are denying the Saudi story. Pretty crazy how quick we hear about these things now - it broke on twitter so, so quickly.
  17. @Grim

    True, but they might not do it right away. If I remember correctly, AQ waited until a few days after 9/11 before claiming responsibility.
  18. Perhaps it is a inside job to blame the North Koreans for an excuse to start a war with them. Just putting it out there.

    Edit: OMG
  19. I hope not. War with North Korea could very well plunge us into World War 3.
  20. Yea alot of these news are coming and going really quick. I'm looking at some crowdsourced stuff and it's crazy out there right now. Stuff from people on site and radio chatter... most of it is just unconfirmed stuff that quickly disappears and others are just suspicious events, but a lot of people are uneasy right now.